Fire safety training initiative ‘Project Kestrel’ launched by London Fire Brigade for security and facilities staff

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Introduction to Project Kestrel

London Fire Brigade has developed an innovative online training package, named Project Kestrel, aimed at enhancing the fire safety knowledge of security and facilities staff.

This initiative, created in collaboration with the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the Corporation of London, emerged from a multi-agency exercise highlighting the potential to improve the capabilities of security professionals.

Project Kestrel seeks to provide additional confidence to building owners and managers by ensuring their personnel are well-trained in fire safety, security awareness, and emergency response measures.

The significance of Project Kestrel for security officers

With over 115,000 licensed security officers in the London area, Project Kestrel aims to empower those often first on the scene at emergencies with the skills to respond effectively to fire alarms and incidents.

Trained officers will be better prepared to assist in emergencies, ensuring firefighters receive critical information upon their arrival.

James Chapman, London Fire Brigade’s Borough Commander for The City, expressed the project’s value: “This is a great project, giving security officers protecting some of the UK’s most complex and impressive buildings the opportunity to enhance their skill set to help firefighters in the event of an emergency at their building.”

Partnerships and participant feedback

The development and implementation of Project Kestrel highlight the strength of public-private partnerships in enhancing community safety.

Don Randall MBE, Chairman of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, praised the programme: “The current training a security officer receives only touches on the basics of fire awareness which makes Project Kestrel the ideal training programme for frontline security staff to enhance their knowledge.”

Rajeev Pradhan, Director of Operations at Bidvest Noonan, shared positive feedback from participants, noting the comprehensive nature of the training and its flexibility in pacing, which allows for a thorough understanding of fire safety principles.

Participants of Project Kestrel are required to complete six training modules, focusing on safety and security aspects related to fire in the workplace.

The course, which awards 2 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, takes approximately three hours to complete.

An enrolment fee of £25 includes a contribution to the London Fire Brigade’s Fire Cadets programme, among other fundraising initiatives, and supports the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications charity.

IFSJ comment

The launch of Project Kestrel by London Fire Brigade, in collaboration with the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the Corporation of London, marks a proactive step towards bolstering fire safety and security skills among security and facilities personnel.

This initiative enhances the preparedness of security staff in the event of a, strengthening the collaborative efforts between public and private sectors to safeguard communities.

By offering comprehensive training that covers all essential aspects of fire safety, Project Kestrel ensures that security officers are not only well-informed but also capable of acting decisively during emergencies.

The programme’s focus on continuous professional development and its support for charitable causes further underscore its commitment to both individual growth and community welfare.

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