Fireaway introduces its smallest electrical generator

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Fireaway Inc. is has announced the release of its new 15-gram electrical fire suppression generator.

The fire suppression generator is part of Fireaway’s electrically operated product line, and it also has a service life of 15 years.

This new addition is expected to both meet the demands of current customers and opens new sales opportunities in various commercial and industrial applications for Fireaway’s global distributor partners.

A representative from Fireaway Inc. said: “Our distributors and customers have requested a smaller unit for tight electrical cabinet applications particularly with the development of the EV charging station infrastructure, telecommunication cabinets, and smaller electrical cabinets.

“The decision to develop a rectangular shape for the new unit adds versatility to our product line, complementing the existing cylinder-shaped generators.

“This demonstrates innovation and adaptability to meet evolving industry requirements. However, the concept and functionality of the generator remains consistent with our existing line.

“This new size strengthens our competitive advantage as many commercial and industrial applications require smaller fire suppression solutions.”

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