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Nebosh releases new guide on health and safety auditing

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Nebosh, a leading organisation in health and safety training, has introduced its latest publication, the ‘Quick Reference Guide to Auditing for Health and Safety’.

This guide, priced at £10 for the print version and £8 for the eBook, is the third in Nebosh’s series of pocket guides, following the previously released guides on risk assessment and risk profiling​​​​​​.

Nebosh guide aims to enhance health and safety management

The new guide is tailored to be a valuable tool for individuals involved in auditing health and safety management systems, ensuring that effective risk control systems and workplace precautions are in place.

It details what auditing entails, the various types of audits, and how auditing can aid in continual improvement.

The guide also highlights the six key stages of the audit process and includes practical tips and examples to aid in conducting successful audits​​​​.

A resource for a wider audience

While primarily aimed at those conducting health and safety audits, the guide is also beneficial for anyone responsible for managing health and safety.

Jane Ashby, Nebosh’s head of content development, emphasised the critical role of health and safety audits in workplace management.

She noted: “Health and safety audits play a crucial role in the effective management of health and safety in the workplace.

This Nebosh guide will support readers through the process and help them to effectively plan and carry out an audit.”

Ashby also highlighted the guide’s format, designed for quick reference and ease of use​​​​.

IFSJ Comment

The release of Nebosh’s ‘Quick Reference Guide to Auditing for Health and Safety’ represents a significant step forward in the field of health and safety management.

By providing a comprehensive, accessible guide, Nebosh is enabling a broader range of individuals, not just health and safety professionals, to understand and implement effective audit practices.

This initiative is likely to have a positive impact on the overall safety standards within various workplaces, contributing to a more informed and proactive approach to health and safety management.

Such resources are essential in fostering a culture of safety and responsibility, which is critical in any work environment.

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