Firematic Supply Co. expands in the Northeast with Churchville Fire Equipment acquisition

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Pierce Manufacturing makes a significant move

Today, Pierce Manufacturing Inc., a part of Oshkosh Corporation, revealed that Firematic Supply Co. Inc. has completed the acquisition of Churchville Fire Equipment.

This move marks a considerable step in expanding its influence in the Northeast region.

The acquisition enables Firematic to further diversify its portfolio by incorporating Churchville’s rich 70-year history of distinguished service and premium equipment.

Churchville’s long-standing reputation

“Churchville Fire Equipment has been a stalwart in the sector for more than seven decades,” noted Peter Hanratty, president of Firematic Supply Co. “Beginning with Gerald Spotts and continuing through a line of outstanding leadership which culminated in employee-owners taking 100 percent ownership in 2004,”

“We deeply respect the sturdy foundation and lasting relationships that Churchville’s team has cultivated over the years.

“Our teams are eager to unify and enhance the resources and services available to our valued customers.”

The acquisition’s broader impact on the community

Both entities share a core commitment to integrity, creativity, and attentive customer service.

As such, incorporating Churchville Fire Equipment into Firematic Supply Co. is poised to strengthen the assistance given to the communities they cater to.

The agreement incorporates all of Churchville’s facilities and service centres across the region.

Furthermore, employees will continue their roles from existing locations.

Churchville and Firematic joining forces

Due to this acquisition, Firematic Supply Co. plans to launch multiple projects to expand sales and service support throughout their combined territories.

This includes:

  • Merging the extensive expertise of Churchville Fire Equipment with Firematic’s advanced processes and resources.
  • Introducing more Pierce certified master technicians to the regions for enhanced support.
  • Broadening Firematic’s Parts Central initiative over the coming two years.
  • Undertaking recruitment drives to boost the local workforce, which in turn will elevate sales and service potential.

“We’ve built a proud legacy over time and view this transition as a pivotal move to align ourselves with one of the fire apparatus sales industry’s most esteemed names,” remarked John Alfieri, Vice President of Apparatus Sales for Churchville Fire Equipment.

“Joining forces with Firematic’s resources and service approach, especially for the fire departments who’ve trusted us for many years, is a thrilling prospect.

“Maintaining our customers’ trust is crucial, and we are confident our partnership with Firematic will further enhance our support for their crucial missions.”

For more details about the Pierce dealer network and Firematic Supply Co.’s growth, one can visit Pierce or Firematic.

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of Churchville Fire Equipment by Firematic Supply Co. underscores a strategic shift in the Northeast region’s fire safety landscape.

By integrating the strengths of both entities, there’s a clear intention to elevate service standards, diversify offerings, and extend support to communities.

Churchville, with its seven-decade history, brings a wealth of experience and trust, while Firematic, backed by Pierce Manufacturing, ensures cutting-edge processes and resources.

This fusion promises enhanced service delivery, greater community outreach, and a broader range of equipment and solutions for the fire departments they serve.

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