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Foam Exposure Committee releases latest bulletin on finished foam PFAS amounts


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The Foam Exposure Committee (FEC) has released its latest bulletin, Bulletin #81, that offers new insight into the Finished Foam PFAS amounts contained in various AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) delivery systems.

Vicki Quint of the FEC has emphasised that the finished foam PFAS amount is a significant concern, as this is the actual PFAS amount contained in the delivery system.

According to the FEC, the PFAS level in the container remains consistent upon release into the environment.

To illustrate, if a 5-gallon pail of AFFF were to be discharged into a large body of water, that water would measure the same PFAS level present in the pail.

Bulletin #81 Highlights

  • 5 Gallon Pail: Contains 5 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 166 gallons of Finished Foam.
  • Fire Apparatus: Contains 30 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 1,000 gallons of Finished Foam.
  • Tote (53 5 Gallon pails): Contains 265 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 8,833 gallons of Finished Foam.
  • Foam trailer: Contains 500 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 16,666 gallons of Finished Foam.
  • ARFF (Class 4): Contains 630 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 21,000 gallons of Finished Foam.
  • Aircraft Hangar: Contains 1,200 gallons of AFFF, resulting in 41,200 gallons of Finished Foam.

Foam capacities

The FEC has also recently included data concerning aircraft hangars, which have large foam capacities.

This decision followed constructive dialogue with hangar employees on Linkedin.

Bulletin #79 had been instrumental in educating a state fire marshal in the US about these significant foam capacities in aircraft hangars.

For detailed information on past bulletins and to learn more about the FEC’s continuous efforts to monitor and report on foam exposures contact: Vicki Quint of the Foam Exposure Committee.

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