ORS Limited appointed for Leeds redevelopment to meet new building standards

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Fairfax House under renovation

Fairfax House, situated in the Arena Quarter of Leeds, is currently undergoing renovations.

The former 1960s seven-storey office block is being revamped into 154 studio and one-bedroom apartments.

An added two-storey extension is also in the pipeline. In light of new guidelines issued in December 2022, ORS Limited has been selected to handle the architectural spray-painting of the building’s exterior.

Find out more about ORS Limited here.

New building standards for taller residences

This revamp falls under the stricter regulations introduced for the external facades and balconies of residential structures ranging from 11m to 18m in height.

KEIM Mineral Paints, chosen for the exterior of Fairfax House, meets the A2-s1,d0 fire resistance criteria.

Jo Thornicroft, Sales Director at ORS Limited, commented: β€œThe Fairfax House project utilises our vast architectural spray-painting experience.

“This method ensures that the KEIM Soldalit is applied evenly and effectively.

“It’s significantly more time efficient, benefiting both the building and the client.”

KEIM Soldalit’s unique properties

Paul Milligan, Business Development Manager at KEIM UK, remarked: β€œFire resistance is vital for tall building materials.

“Paint is one aspect that councils and developers must keep in mind.

“Our unique KEIM Soldalit paint is sought-after due to its natural ingredients and low volatile organic compounds.”

These measures were initially established in 2018 post the Grenfell Tower tragedy where 72 individuals lost their lives.

The regulations prohibited the use of flammable materials on external walls of structures exceeding 18m.

An amendment in 2022 broadened this guidance to include buildings between 11m and 18m.

The renovation of Fairfax House began in winter 2022 and aims to conclude by mid-2024.

The project amalgamates the expertise of YPP, a Leeds-based buy-to-let property firm, Brewster Bye Architects, and Colbre Projects, the main contractor.

IFSJ Comment

The decision of ORS Limited to undertake the Fairfax House renovation exemplifies the industry’s swift response to evolving building standards.

The focus on ensuring structures not only comply with, but also exceed, safety standards is commendable.

KEIM Soldalit’s selection as the exterior paint of choice underscores the need for materials that provide safety without compromising on environmental considerations.

The collective efforts of organisations such as ORS Limited, KEIM UK, and others set a precedent for future developments, ensuring that the tragedies of the past don’t repeat.

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