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FSi Promat introduces online training for enhanced understanding of passive fire protection

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FSi Promat has launched an innovative online training programme aimed at enhancing competence and understanding in the field of passive fire protection.

This initiative seeks to provide customers with exclusive access to the company’s experts in a bid to promote a comprehensive grasp of the subject.

The scheme, designed with an informal approach to facilitate easy access to current information, invites customers to participate in bi-weekly sessions.

These sessions are conducted by members of the FSi Promat technical team every other Friday, focusing on product awareness, updates to legislation, and practical applications to meet regulatory requirements.

Online training: Interactive sessions to deepen product knowledge

The training covers various aspects, including product specification, applications, the principles of passive fire protection, and the critical importance of testing and certification.

It offers a platform for customers to seek tailored information on the use of passive fire protection or discuss the application and installation of fire-stopping products.

Pre-registration is required for the two-hour online sessions, which are complemented by occasional in-person training at the company’s Measham headquarters.

The in-person sessions combine theoretical training on product awareness and application with practical installation exercises.

Commitment to accessible and comprehensive support

Emma Taylor, Marketing Manager at FSi Promat, emphasised the value of accessible product information, especially considering the Golden Thread requirements: “Having easy access to product information is essential, especially with the Golden Thread requirements.

“While all our products are backed by third-party certification and technical data sheets, we recognise that expert insights and clear signposting on a human level can really enhance the understanding of a product and its application.”

Taylor further highlighted the goal of the training initiative: “By providing regular access to the expertise that exists in our technical team, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get all the information and advice that they need to ensure a compliant installation and enable them to carry out their own due diligence checks on site.”

In addition to the product awareness training for installers and sub-contractors, FSi Promat also offers RIBA accredited CPDs for architects and specifiers, aiming to broaden awareness about passive fire protection, relevant legislation, and available products and systems.

For more details on the training courses and registration information, interested parties are encouraged to contact [email protected].

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of an online training scheme by FSi Promat marks a signficant development in the field of passive fire protection.

This initiative aligns with the industry’s need for continuous learning and adaptation to evolving standards.

By facilitating direct interaction with experts and providing comprehensive resources, FSi Promat is setting a precedent in empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective passive fire protection implementation.

This approach enhances the overall safety and compliance of fire protection systems, contributing significantly to the industry’s efforts to safeguard lives and properties.

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