Global Safety Synchronisation with TLX Fire & Security

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Fostering innovation and convergence in global safety standards with TLX Fire & Security at Intersec 2024

The importance of technological advancement and global standardisation in fire safety and protection cannot be overstated.

In an increasingly connected world, there is a critical need to align fire and safety standards across borders.

Advancements in electronic and remote monitoring devices, along with supervision technologies, play a pivotal role in this endeavour.

These innovations not only enhance safety but also ensure a seamless integration of global safety practices.

The harmonisation of safety standards globally is a vital but complex mission.

It involves early development efforts aimed at addressing market concerns and safety needs.

A key challenge in this sector is bridging the gap between the varying priorities of different-sized customers and regulatory bodies.

Achieving consensus among stakeholders is essential for the effective deployment of life-saving technologies.

This balance is crucial in ensuring that safety solutions are efficient and universally applicable.

The future roadmap for fire safety and protection is marked by innovation with the development of technologies for data collection and connectivity revolutionising the field.

IFSJ sits down with TLX Fire & Security to provide a glimpse into what the company is set to bring to the table at Intersec 2024, highlighting their role as a key player in shaping the future of fire safety.

As global safety standards evolve, how is TLX addressing current and future challenges in fire safety and compliance?

TLX supports standards in many ways, but currently the most valuable is the supervision requirement.

The company’s engineers were working on a solution long before the supervision standards went into effect.

That allowed them to not only meet the requirements with something innovative, but they were also able to integrate the solution into the actuator and reduce the cost and complexity of the final product.

As global safety standards continue to evolve, TLX will focus on working with key standards bodies to understand what the needs in the industry are and how we can lend our expertise by not only utilising our current solutions but also developing new products and technologies to meet global safety standards in the future.

 Attending Intersec 2024 and other industry exhibitions give us opportunities to speak with attendees and industry leaders to gain insight into what their future needs might be.

How is TLX contributing to global safety standard harmonisation and addressing regional differences?

TLX participates in global standards meetings on regulatory change.

Hearing the earliest conversations about safety needs, the market’s concerns, and other information gives the company’s engineers a head start on development efforts.

TLX has ongoing research in everything from slow leak protection to monitoring and AI enablement.

This diversified effort will allow the company to support global and regional customers with the products and technologies needed before regulations go into effect.

While many of the safety features that we provide reach a broad spectrum of the unified standards, we do run into some restrictions based on mechanical functionalities.

Therefore, our approach is to provide our customers with the ability to make necessary customisations to our products to suit their system requirements for proper compliance.

What are TLX’s key strategic focuses as you prepare for Intersec 2024?

Currently, we see more countries and governing bodies around the world are focused on improving protections for people and infrastructure.

This is driving the globalisation of standards.

This ongoing shift offers opportunities for companies supporting these efforts.

OEMs and installation/maintenance companies can export their systems and/or expand their operational footprint to help more customers.

TLX provides solutions to help OEMs and other companies meet current regulatory requirements while also supporting them deploy the next generation of systems and services.

We are focused on providing solutions to meet the needs of a more globalised community through our supervision technologies as well as our electronic and remote monitoring devices, such as our weighing and level sensing technologies.

What can attendees expect to see from TLX this year?

For Intersec 2024, TLX will continue to exhibit our supervised actuation products, as the technologies offered in these products are part of a globalised standards approach to safety and security within the fire protection market.

Additionally, with digitalisation and remote monitoring becoming a much larger focus across the industry, TLX will be exhibiting our continuous weight monitoring systems for seamless fire suppression cylinders and our electronic liquid level sensor for welded fire suppression cylinders.

These technologies, along with our ATEX hazardous location actuator, will be the main point of focus at this year’s show in Dubai.

What impact and reception does TLX anticipate at Intersec 2024 with its presentations and showcases?

Each year, Intersec Dubai continues to be a very important event for TLX, as many of our customers attend and have stands themselves.

Being at the show provides us an opportunity to connect with current and future customers and have those important conversations about how TLX can more closely align with their upcoming goals and objectives.

Those conversations also allow the company’s experts to share insights concerning regulatory shifts, industry trends, new technologies, and ways of collaborating to increase a customer’s sales efforts.

Our technologies are well received by the industry, and that impact reaches beyond our customers because our technologies are reviewed by end users and other technical personnel within the industry.

This exposure provides further insight into our technologies for the broader market so that they are aware of the innovations that are available to meet the latest global standards.

What are some challenges TLX faces in developing new technologies for fire safety?

One of the biggest challenges we see in the industry is the disconnect between the priorities of larger end-customers and those of smaller end-customers, in conjunction with the planned regulations, available technologies, and timetables for OEMs to innovate.

Life-saving and cost-saving technologies have been available for years, but without consensus across all stakeholders, they cannot be deployed easily.

This is a time for regulatory bodies to lead, and we believe we will see that in the coming years.

TLX will be there with solutions to support the standards as they develop.

Looking beyond Intersec 2024, what is the future roadmap for TLX in terms of innovation and market leadership?

Like many others in the industry, TLX Fire & Security is pursuing solutions in lithium-ion battery fire protection and suppression.

There is a major focus in the industry on innovation to keep people and property safe from these very difficult-to-fight fire events.

Our intent is to align ourselves with our customers by developing solutions for lithium-ion battery fire suppression and thermal runaway sensing.

Additionally, TLX is developing additional technologies around leveraging data collection, sensing, and connectivity to give end-customers and installation/maintenance companies visibility into system availability, repairs, and regulatory compliance.

So much money and time are wasted with manual processes, which often include the challenges associated with human error.

In the future, systems will notify the right people about different issues, such as low agent level, an improperly installed actuator, physical shocks to the cylinders, required maintenance being completed, and more.

The people responsible for monitoring these systems will no longer have to hope that their system is available to protect people and infrastructure; they will know.

Intersec Dubai will take place between the 16th and 18th of January at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai. TLX Fire & Security’s Stand Number is Stand 4.G10

This article was originally published in the January 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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