Greece enhances wildfire defence with Canadian DHC-515 firefighter aircraft


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A new era in aerial firefighting for Greece

Greece has entered into an agreement for enhancing its wildfire combating capabilities.

The country will acquire seven DHC-515 FIREFIGHTER™ aircraft through a government to government contract facilitated by CCC, involving De Havilland Canada (DHC).

This agreement also includes the provision of spare parts, training, and support, marking a substantial step forward in Greece’s emergency response and civil protection infrastructure.

The collaboration spans several entities, including CCC, DHC, the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism (rescEU), and its member states.

It aims to bolster the EU’s firefighting fleet with Canadian-made aircraft, particularly in light of the challenging wildfire conditions experienced globally in 2023.

A legacy continued with innovation

The DHC-515 builds on the legacy of the Canadair CL-215 and CL-415, known for their durability and performance in firefighting missions.

The new aircraft promises to uphold the Canadian aerospace engineering quality, offering a significant advancement in the domain of aerial firefighting.

Kim Douglas, VP of Business Development and Marketing at CCC, highlighted the importance of this collaboration: “Canada is proud to bring De Havilland Canada’s superior, next generation aerial firefighting aircraft to Greece and to help the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection to combat wildfires.

“Canada understands the challenges Greece is facing, and we are here to provide practical tools to address the wildfires that threaten the security of its citizens.”

Karine Asselin, Canadian Ambassador to Greece, also expressed enthusiasm for the agreement: “We are thrilled that Greece and the CCC have concluded the agreement for the procurement of seven state-of-the-art firefighter aircraft from De Havilland Canada.

This aircraft is a crucial tool in the fight against the devastating effects of climate change, and Canada is proud to partner with Greece in years to come.”

Responding to a growing threat

The purchase comes in response to increasingly severe wildfire seasons, exacerbated by climate change.

The Greek government’s investment reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding communities and natural resources.

Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President Programs at De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Greece’s wildfire defense efforts: “We are pleased to be supplying these new aircraft to Greece to protect the communities and natural resources of the country.

“Greece has been flying CL-215 and CL-415 aircraft for nearly 50 years, and we look forward to continuing to support the Hellenic Air Force and the Civil Protection as they acquire these new DHC-515 Firefighter aircraft.”

IFSJ comment

This agreement between Greece and Canada, facilitated by CCC, for the acquisition of DHC-515 FIREFIGHTER™ aircraft represents a strategic investment in the face of escalating wildfire threats.

It underscores the importance of international collaboration and advanced technology in enhancing emergency response capabilities.

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