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aerial wildland firefighting in europe

Bridger Aerospace considers international expansion

Belgrade-based company Bridger Aerospace, which owns the largest fleet of Super Scoopers, may soon be battling wildfires on an international ...

Elbit Systems to provide aerial firefighting services to Israel in $100m deal

Elbit Systems Ltd. has announced that it has signed a follow-on contract worth $100 million to provide aerial firefighting services ...
Flying Lion Supports Chula Vista PD DFR Program

IFSJ Exclusive: First responder drones

Charles L. Werner. Founder and Director of the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance, tells all about the Drone as a First ...
Plane drop 9 -- approved

Exclusive: The drop safety challenge with Perimeter Solutions

Perimeter Solutions Director of Research and Development Melissa Kim and Agency Liaison Ron Raley look at safe fire retardant drops ...

Coulson Aviation provides Argentina with aerial firefighting support

Coulson Aviation has announced that it is providing aerial firefighting support services to Argentina via a CDN $6.8 million dollar ...

New report outlines plan to meet aerial firefighting equipment needs in US

The Biden-Harris administration’s Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission has released a report outlining a strategy to meet aerial firefighting equipment needs ...

Airport firefighting: Too hot to handle?

Mike Willson, firefighting foam and foam systems specialist, investigates whether airport firefighting foams fit is for purpose under increasingly hot ...

Bridger Aerospace appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings, a leading independent provider of aerial firefighting services, has appointed Eric Gerratt as Chief Financial Officer. ...

EU proposes €170 million budget for transitional firefighting fleet

Following a record-breaking forest fire season in Europe, the European Commission has proposed €170 million from the EU budget to ...

Arista Aviation wins Portuguese Air Force aerial firefighting contract

Arista Aviation Services, a provider of rotary wing aircraft repair, overhaul, and modernisation with specialisation in the Sikorsky UH-60 Black ...
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