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Greece enhances wildfire defence with Canadian DHC-515 firefighter aircraft

A new era in aerial firefighting for Greece Greece has entered into an agreement for enhancing its wildfire combating capabilities. ...
aerial wildland firefighting in europe

Bridger Aerospace announces substantial growth and strategic international ventures

Bridger Aerospace’s fiscal year achievements Bridger Aerospace, recognised as one of the leading aerial firefighting companies in the United States, ...
aerial firefighting

Increasing wildfire incidents and technological innovation spur firefighting aircraft market growth

Global trends in firefighting aircraft market The global firefighting aircraft market is experiencing significant growth, driven by an increase in ...
Neptune Aviation - Avionics

Exclusive: The future of aerial firefighting

Neptune Aviation President Jennifer Draughon and Vice President of Operations Nic Lynn explain how it has become one of the ...
Bonny Fire 1 (Fortress North America Image)

The Retardant Revolution

Fortress North America sheds light on how it is merging tradition with advanced fire-retardant technology In an era marked by ...
fire trucks in australia

Preliminary findings on Queensland fire surveillance aircraft tragedy released

Australian transport safety bureau issues preliminary report The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has issued a preliminary report into the ...
aerial firefighting

Coulson Aviation expands aerial firefighting services in South America

Coulson Aviation, a leading name in aerial firefighting, has recently announced a significant extension of its services in South America. ...
aerial wildland firefighting in europe

Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission final report supported by UAFA

WFMMC’s final report receives backing from aerial firefighters The United Aerial Firefighters Association (UAFA) has voiced its support for the ...
Optionally Piloted Black Hawk

Aerial wildland firefighting gets a boost with Rain and Sikorsky's collaboration

In a recent announcement, Rain, renowned for its aerial wildfire containment technology, and Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, have ...
aerial firefighting

Aerial Firefighting Risks: Examining the Dangers

In the wake of a devastating plane crash during wildfire suppression efforts in Greece, we delve into the inherent risks ...
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