Historic brewery receives a modern wireless protection upgrade

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Timothy Taylor’s Brewery undergoes fire safety revamp

Keighley’s historic Timothy Taylor’s Brewery, known for its acclaimed Landlord cask ale, has recently undergone a significant fire safety enhancement.

This upgrade was performed by PWP Fire & Security who installed over 300 Taurus wireless fire devices from Hyfire.

These devices safeguard the iconic brewery site with its oldest structures originating from 1863.

Wireless protection ensures seamless integration

The family-owned brewery was in need of an extensive overhaul of its fire safety systems.

The aim was to offer top-notch protection to both staff and visitors.

This was particularly challenging given the historic nature of the buildings.

In the past, intricate cabling would have been the norm due to the structures’ age and design.

However, thanks to Hyfire’s Taurus devices with their cutting-edge wireless technology and the incorporation of 2 Advanced MxPro fire panels with AlarmCalm false alarm management, the brewery found an efficient solution.

This approach facilitated a prompt installation, leading to reduced expenses and ensuring the brewing activities remained uninterrupted.

Gavin Clarke, Head of Fire at PWP Fire & Security, stated: “It was crucial to maintain the authenticity of this historic location while bolstering fire safety.

“The Taurus wireless devices from Hyfire proved to be the ideal fit. The speed and efficiency of their installation meant minimal disturbance to the brewery’s operations.

“Furthermore, this method significantly curtailed the effect on the buildings’ structural essence.”

Hyfire boasts a vast collection of wireless fire devices adhering to commercial standards.

These range from optical and multi-criteria detectors to EN54-23 Approved VAD’s.

Every product is certified to EN54 and aligns with BS5839 Part 1.

These devices connect to translators via fire panels and can be used independently or combined with Hyfire’s wired devices, granting immense flexibility to specifiers and installers.

Chris McGregor, Regional Sales Manager – East at Hyfire, remarked: “It’s an honour to extend our state-of-the-art wireless fire technology to such a respected establishment as Timothy Taylor’s Brewery.

“The particular needs of this historic site underscore the advantages of our Taurus wireless devices.

“Their efficacy, premium quality, and adaptability, combined with speedy set-up and minimal disturbances, render them ideal for such intricate settings.”

Technical advancements underpin the wireless devices

Born in Trieste, Italy, a hub for wireless fire design, the Taurus is endowed with Pathfinder Technology.

This feature enables these devices to relay information over a distance of 1km in open air, with even more considerable ranges achievable with the use of expansion hops.

Advanced antenna technology ensures communication across varied frequencies, making Taurus more cost-effective with fewer devices and batteries.

Lee Scott, Engineering Manager at Timothy Taylor’s Brewery, shared: “The wellbeing of our team and safeguarding our historical site is crucial.

“The wireless fire devices from Hyfire have showcased excellent efficiency and trustworthiness.

“They guarantee top-tier security for our venue without affecting the heritage of our infrastructures or brewing procedures.”

IFSJ Comment

The recent upgrade at Timothy Taylor’s Brewery underscores the evolution in fire safety.

Utilising wireless protection technology not only streamlines installation but also protects the integrity of historic sites.

With fire safety being of paramount importance, advancements like these by Hyfire and their dedicated partners stand as a testament to the industry’s commitment to combining modern solutions with respect for heritage.

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