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Honeywell launches new fire detection and alarm system

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  • The Morley-IAS Max is an intelligent fire alarm control panel with user-friendly features.
  • It features multi-processor panels that can be configured for a wide range of installations.

Honeywell has launched the Morley-IAS Max, a compact and powerful intelligent fire alarm control panel aimed at improving building and occupant safety. The new fire detection and alarm system offers a range of technically advanced functions that are both easy to install and maintain.

The 7-inch touch screen panel offers an intuitive and ergonomic user interface, displaying colour-coded events and graphical icons. The product also features an array of cutting-edge technologies including multi-Boolean logic and CAN bus protocol between panels, enabling faster communication.

According to Lionel Caillat, General Manager and Vice President, Fire, Honeywell Europe: “Honeywell’s Morley-IAS Max panel helps create safer spaces for occupants, while also enabling building owners to better adhere to standard safety guidelines. The product is designed to eliminate time-consuming and technically difficult installation of add-on components. It communicates clearly and unambiguously, and efficiently manages complicated evacuation strategies in the event of an emergency.”

The Morley-IAS Max is suited for operation in various verticals such as commercial, education, healthcare, residential and hospitality. Its full backward compatibility makes it well suited for retrofit projects, as it supports a range of field devices, including third-party manufacturer devices. The aesthetically pleasing panel delivers high-quality design in commercial or luxury environments.

The system incorporates serial communication ports, relays, and a CAN bus network to help reduce complexities typically encountered during ordering and installation. The panels offer multiple installation options in addition to standard wall mounting and flush mounting.

The National Library of Wales (NLW), the largest library in the country, has recently completed a full site upgrade with Morley-IAS Max, which brought the site up to an L1 type fire alarm system.

The upgrade required installation of new System Sensor hard wired equipment and Agile radio equipment, since the site was fitted with older technology from a previous supplier. However, the backward compatibility of Morley-IAS Max allowed the new equipment to interface with the existing smoke beams and aspirating smoke detection systems, saving NLW both time and money on the installation.

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