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Institution of Fire Engineers creates alternative fuels coordinator role

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The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has announced the launch of a new dedicated alternative fuels coordinator role.

The IFE has appointed its Technical Support Manager, Paul Trew, as the dedicated alternative fuels coordinator. Trew will be responsible for developing a knowledge pool which explores alternative fuels and energy storage systems including hydrogen, electric vehicles, and lithium-ion batteries.

His new post will ensure members have quicker access to the latest guidance and advice via technical updates and put IFE are at the forefront of consultations for the new standards and regulations needed to keep pace with change.

The IFE said that the introduction of the role comes at a crucial time with the world changing at a faster pace than ever before driven by the challenges raised by climate change and sustainability. “We are seeing the adoption of alternative fuels have implications for the fire industry, and as the international professional body for those in the fire sector, it is our role to assess these changes, identify their impacts and educate our members,” it said.”

Working with IFE members, volunteers and branches from around the world as well as external partners, Trew will create a resource to support members and the sector in understanding the impact of alternative fuels on fire safety and engineering.

Commenting on his appointment, Trew said: “Our world is changing and innovations are constantly being introduced as we strive for a more sustainable future. With new investments in hydrogen infrastructure, renewable energy and other green technologies, come new risks.

“The IFE is committed to working with its members and other partners to help raise standards and ensure continued safety. With a dedicated resource in place to focus on alternative fuels, the IFE will provide a flow of knowledge which is critical to our sector and in turn will enable members to advance their knowledge, improve their competence and raise standards across the industry.”

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