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International Tall Building/High Rise Conference to make US debut in 2024

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The 8th International Tall Building/High Rise Conference is set to make its inaugural appearance in the US from April 15-18, 2024.

It will be held in conjunction with the FDIC International event in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For those keen on knowing more about tall buildings, the conference website offers more details here.

Tall buildings and fire safety: A Global Concern

This esteemed event, which is acknowledged by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), aims to connect delegates with renowned speakers from across the globe.

Over a span of three days, the conference will offer pivotal insights into contemporary best practices, innovations in tall building fire safety, and a broad spectrum of high-fire safety topics.

This includes subjects such as façade testing, smoke control, high-rise firefighting, electric vehicles, and much more.

Previous events and their significance

The Tall Building Fire Safety Conference, now in its 8th iteration, has historically been graced by some of the leading intellects in the domain of high-rise fire safety.

Earlier editions of the conference welcomed delegates from 22 countries, with participants ranging from architects and insurers to construction professionals and firefighters.

FDIC International: A Proud Collaborator

Owned and managed by Clarion Events, FDIC International is celebrated as North America’s foremost fire and rescue event, drawing over 34,000 industry attendees each year.

Eric Schlett, Executive Vice President of Clarion Events Fire Rescue Group, shared: “We are thrilled to partner with the Tall Buildings Fire and Safety Network.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with FDIC’s central mission.

“We eagerly anticipate welcoming a novel audience, including engineers and insurers, to foster future tall building safety initiatives.”

A Word from the Conference Director

Russ Timpson, the International Tall Building/High Rise Conference Director, said: “Teaming up with FDIC in the US presents a grand chance for the International Tall Building Fire Safety Network.

“The conference is primed to feature global thought leaders on every facet of high-rise fire safety.”

Debates that strike a chord

Each day of the conference will shine a spotlight on pressing debates:

  • Day 1 probes the lessons gleaned from the Grenfell Tower and Bronx fire tragedies.
  • Day 2 questions the readiness for Green Walls and Tall Timber in high-rises.
  • Day 3 delves into the impact of evolving occupant behaviours on fire safety in tall residential structures.

A number of International Fire Safety Membership organisations are set to dispatch delegates, promising a fertile ground for comparing diverse strategies and policies.

The event will also host noteable VIP speakers who will share insights on various high-rise safety topics.

Prospective attendees are advised to book their slots promptly, with a limited-time ‘Early Bird Discount’ offering a 25% price cut off the regular rate.

IFSJ Comment

The confluence of global experts, hands-on training sessions, debates, and discussions in the realm of high-rise fire safety is bound to usher in transformative changes.

With the increasing prominence of tall buildings in modern cityscapes, ensuring their safety becomes paramount.

This conference not only provides a platform for sharing best practices but also fosters collaborative efforts to address the complex challenges posed by high-rises.

About the International Tall Building Fire Safety Network

The International Tall Building Fire Safety Network is a premier organisation dedicated to advancing knowledge, innovation, and best practices in the field of high-rise fire safety. Through its conferences and collaborations, the network aims to bring together industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers to make tall buildings safer for all.

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