IWMA introduces The Matrix to its website

The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) introduced The Matrix document to their webpage - www.iwma.net.

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The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) introduced The Matrix to their webpage. The document is a visualisation of all current water mist applications and associated fire test protocols that have been published by certification/test agencies. IWMA board member Jonathan Carpenter of FM Approval explains: “The intent is to showcase that water mist systems are a fire protection option in many applications that have avenues for testing and certifications from third party agencies.”

The Matrix lists applications where water mist is a fire protection option for different hazards and occupancies, in both land and marine segments, and the associated fire test protocols available for each. It will be useful for all parties involved in the fire protection industry, particularly for those not directly involved such as insurance companies, architects and end users.

The Matrix will be updated quarterly or more frequently based on the amount of requests and changes in the industry.

Member of the board Alex Palle of VID Fire-Kill says: “We have now made it easier to define which solutions are suited for a given risk – knowledge that typically can be found in codes and standards covering more standardized firefighting technologies, but for water mist has been difficult to describe as each water mist solution is somewhat unique.”


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