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VR Training

Viking introduces advancements in virtual reality training for fire protection professionals

Viking group announces updates to Virtual Viking, its VR training platform Viking Group, Inc., a renowned Michigan-based firm specialising in ...
fire resistant cables

FIA releases new technical bulletin on painting fire-resistant cables

Overview of the FIA Technical Bulletin The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has recently published a technical bulletin addressing the potential ...

Electric vehicle fire protection materials market set for growth, protecting a US$3.5 trillion industry

The importance of fire safety in electric vehicles Electric vehicle (EV) fire safety is an increasingly critical area of focus. ...

FIDO: The Lightweight Lifesaver

Christophe Galan, Global Development Director at Mirola Rescue AB, presents FIDO: the innovative, compact, and efficient solution for emergency oxygen ...

Global fire protection systems market set for robust growth, industry analysis reveals

Rapid growth projected for global fire protection systems market The global fire protection systems market, comprising a comprehensive range of ...

Heritage Fire Protection: Ensuring the future of our past

Brad Parker, Owner and Managing Director at Charles Thomas, discusses a no compromise approach to heritage fire protection Charles Thomas ...

ROCKWOOL launches new e-learning platform to aid construction professionals

Introducing ROCKWOOL Learning: simplifying continuous professional development The stone wool insulation manufacturer, ROCKWOOL, has unveiled ROCKWOOL Learning. This is a ...
How much does a fire truck weigh?

How Much Does a Fire Truck Weigh?

How much does a fire truck weigh is one of the most common questions asked by school kids whenever the ...
fire alarm red

IFSJ Exclusive: Working together to provide protection

Faheemuddin Mohammed, Specialist of Electrical Certification at Dubai Civil Defense’s Emirates Safety Lab talks passive and active fire protection What ...

Fire Protection Roadshow heads for Birmingham

On Tuesday 25th April, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) will host the third ...
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