IWMA names new Chair and board member

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In a series of recent developments at the International Water Mist Association (IWMA), Robert Harley Mostad has been elected as a new board member, while Max Lakkonen has been chosen as the Chair for the IWMA Scientific Council.

The news comes following the annual member meeting of the IWMA held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Robert Harley Mostad joins the IWMA board

During the afternoon of the meeting, the IWMA members made the decision to elect Robert Harley Mostad as a new member of the board.

Reflecting on his new role, Robert Harley Mostad says: “I am honoured and humbled to get the opportunity to contribute to IWMA by sitting on the board of directors.

“I am committed to serving the organisation to the best of my abilities and recognise the responsibility to neutrally work to support both high- and low-pressure water mist suppliers.”

Luciano Nigro of Jensen Hughes and Dirk Laibach from Johnson Controls International were both reconfirmed in their positions as IWMA directors.

Max Lakkonen appointed as new Scientific Council Chair

Max Lakkonen, who is the Managing Director of IFAB – the Institute for Applied Fire Safety Research based in Berlin, Germany, has now been elected to chair the IWMA Scientific Council.

With a history dating back to 2005 with IWMA, Max has played various roles including being a member of the IWMA Scientific Council for over a decade.

Max Lakkonen says: “I am honoured to continue the excellent work of Bert Yu (FM Global), the former Chair of the Scientific Council.

“As the newly appointed Chair, my objective is to leverage my experience to enhance the water mist industry.

“Together, as a Scientific Council, we are committed to serving the fire protection industry in all matters related to water mist systems.”

This decision came after Prof. Hong-Zeng Yu, who had held the council chair since 2007, retired from FM Global and consequently stepped down from his position within IWMA.

IFSJ Comment

The changes within the IWMA board and the Scientific Council are notable shifts in the fire safety landscape.

Robert Harley Mostad and Max Lakkonen bring with them vast experience and knowledge.

Their appointments could shape the future direction of water mist technologies, especially considering the growing need for innovative fire safety solutions worldwide.

It will be interesting to see the new developments and collaborations this will usher in for the water mist industry.

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