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KASK unveils Quantum series fire helmet

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Revolutionising fire safety helmets: KASK’s latest innovation

KASK, a renowned designer and producer of high-performance protective headgear, has unveiled Quantum.

This marks the company’s debut in the realm of wildfire firefighting and technical rescue helmets for high-risk first responders.

You can view the launch event here.

From inspiration to design: crafting the ideal fire helmet

The creation of Quantum was inspired by advancements in materials technology, the dynamics of rescue and climbing helmets, and the evolving challenges in technical rescue, natural disasters, and wildland firefighting.

Addressing the new-age requirements, KASK has rolled out a helmet that’s certified under three significant European helmet standards: Wildland Firefighting, Technical Rescue, and Mountaineering.

Emphasising on safety, comfort, and design, KASK’s new helmet confronts unique risk factors in emergency situations, such as impact absorption, durability, and compromised environments.

On top of this, the helmet ensures stability, user comfort, and ease of use.

Technical brilliance and recognitions

Quantum is not just about aesthetics and design, but also technical excellence.

The exterior shell, crafted from a fire and chemical-resistant PC-PBT alloy, complements its high-density EPS inner shielded with a thermoformed cover.

Adding to the user experience is the Adaptive Fit system, easily adjustable even with gloved hands.

Highlighting the inception of Quantum, Marta Beltramello, Sales & Marketing Director of KASK Safety, shared: “Quantum began with a question: why can’t we design a better helmet for these essential workers and the risks they face?

“We are truly honoured to provide equipment that is designed better: safer, more comfortable, easier to use, and in the end, what they want to wear”.

Further recognising KASK’s dedication to top-notch design and user-centric benefits, the Quantum Series recently clinched the iF Design Award 2023 for Design Excellence.

Highlights from Quantum’s technical details

When designing Quantum, KASK tapped into its rich experience from various sectors like cycling, snow sports, and industrial safety.

The helmet’s shell, made from a polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate (PC/PBT) alloy, provides exceptional resistance to impacts, heat, flames, and chemicals.

To amplify user comfort, the helmet features a multi-layered fabric padding system, complemented by moisture-wicking technology.

Quantum also offers a patented Adaptive Fit system for personalised head shape fitting.

Users will find Quantum available in two models, the regular and the Cabrio, which has 14 vents and an enhanced air-flow system for user comfort.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the Quantum helmet series by KASK marks a significant stride in ensuring the safety and comfort of our first responders.

Wildfire firefighters and technical rescue teams, who often find themselves in high-risk situations, require equipment that’s not only protective but also comfortable for extended use.

Quantum’s design, which caters to these specific needs while also being compliant with key European standards, exemplifies KASK’s commitment to merging top-notch technology with user-centricity.

The accolades and certifications the Quantum series has received only reinforce its potential as a game-changer in the realm of fire safety equipment.

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