Ken Bullock appointed as BAFE’s new Technical Schemes and Assurance Manager

Ken Bullock

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Ken Bullock joins the BAFE team: A key development for the fire safety sector

British Approval for Fire Equipment (BAFE) has announced the induction of Ken Bullock as their Technical Schemes and Assurance Manager.

Bullock is a distinguished figure in the fire safety domain and brings with him an impressive 35 years of industry experience.

His journey began with pioneering efforts in wireless fire detection and alarm technology.

Working closely with both the FIA and BRE, Bullock played an instrumental role in the advancement of this technology.

His noteworthy contributions include leading the development of EN54 part 25 and being recognised as the UK’s primary expert in the CEN working group.

Furthermore, his interactions with industry leaders led to his involvement in the creation of standards for automatic fire and detection systems.

Ken Bullock’s journey before BAFE

Before his role at BAFE, Bullock worked as the Business Development Manager for Evacuation Alert Systems at Advanced.

He is also renowned for his valuable insights on BS 8629 and has worked collaboratively to enhance both the standard and its understanding in the market.

Regarding his new role, Bullockremarked: “I’m excited and privileged to join BAFE. Using my knowledge and industry experience, we can elevate the fire industry’s competency.

“I will be focusing on fortifying partnerships with BAFE’s stakeholders to refine and expand the BAFE Schemes in alignment with pertinent standards and emerging technologies.

“Having always advocated for UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certification as a proof of competency, I’m thrilled to match my principles with BAFE’s.”

In response to this appointment, Justin Maltby-Smith, Group Managing Director of BAFE, commented: “We are pleased that Ken is now part of our team. His vast industry knowledge will unquestionably enrich the BAFE workforce.

“Given the growing demand for undeniable competency evidence, something BAFE is keenly aware of, Ken will be pivotal in spearheading this critical initiative.

“Moreover, with the fire safety mandates of Section 156 of the Building Safety Act 2022 coming into action [as of 01/10/2023], it further underscores the need for adherence to fire safety norms.

“We remain committed to championing the significance of UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certification and refining our Schemes to consistently reflect top-tier competence.”

IFSJ Comment

Ken Bullock‘s appointment to the BAFE team highlights the organisation’s dedication to bolstering fire safety standards and practices in the UK.

With his extensive experience and collaborative efforts in introducing and developing new technologies and standards, Ken’s role will be crucial in addressing the ever-evolving challenges in the fire safety sector.

As the UK grapples with the critical implications of the Building Safety Act 2022, such strategic appointments underscore the importance of fostering competency and ensuring rigorous adherence to fire safety measures.

The alignment of such industry stalwarts with organisations like BAFE exemplifies the commitment to a safer future and raises the bar for fire safety competence.

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