Kentec to showcase cutting-edge fire safety technology at Intersec 2024

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Kentec’s innovative presence at Intersec

Kentec Electronics, a leading manufacturer in life-critical control systems, is set to display its pioneering range of fire detection, alarm, and control systems at Intersec 2024.

The trade show, known for marking significant milestones in safety and security, will witness Kentec’s demonstration of open-protocol technology’s future in the industry.

Taktis Fire: A new era in fire safety integration

The highlight of Kentec’s showcase is the award-winning Taktis Fire.

This advanced control panel exemplifies the integration of fire safety systems with building infrastructure and intelligence.

Designed to meet various global compliance regulations, the UL and EN variant of Taktis Fire represents a new era in integration and connectivity.

Advanced features of Taktis Fire

Taktis Fire, enhanced with robust cause and effect technology and failsafe redundancy features, is suitable for complex sites.

It can be configured for up to 40,000 inputs or outputs across a network, supporting up to 144 zone indications and networking up to 127 panels.

Its open-protocol design offers flexibility in system design, site customisation, and third-party device compatibility, with the added benefit of interchangeable component parts.

Sigma ZXT and K-Mesh: Targeted extinguishant release and wireless detection

Kentec will also showcase the Sigma ZXT extinguishant release and control system and the K-Mesh wireless detection system.

The Sigma ZXT can release targeted extinguishant upon alarm in up to three conventional detection zones.

K-Mesh’s self-healing MESH technology provides reliable wireless communication, supporting up to 2,000 devices with a 10-year battery life.

Elite RS: Versatility for small and medium sites

The Elite RS analogue addressable fire control panel, suitable for small and medium sites requiring advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, will also feature at Intersec.

With a large graphical display, ergonomic button and indicator layout, and UL and FM approvals, the Elite RS is user-friendly for installers, engineers, and end-users.

Derrick Hall on Kentec’s role at Intersec

Derrick Hall, Director of Sales at Kentec, emphasises the importance of Intersec for showcasing Kentec’s broad expertise:

“We look forward to showing Kentec’s life-critical technologies, and how integration is not just a buzzword, but a priority for a modern manufacturer like us,” he states.

“The ability to combine a host of life-saving technologies into building infrastructure, and network systems with one another, is exciting, and means our products can be utilised in several different scenarios and projects.

The technology on show at Intersec reflects our commitment to making life easier for installers and enhancing operation and lifecycle performance for end users, specifiers and decision makers alike.”

Visit Kentec at Intersec

Intersec Dubai, scheduled for the 16th to the 18th of January at the Dubai World Trade Centre, will host Kentec at Stand Number 3-E22.

Visitors are invited to explore the latest updates to Taktis Fire and its powerful cause and effect features, ideal for smoke and fire damper controls and complex building applications.

IFSJ Comment

Kentec Electronics’ participation at Intersec 2024 underscores the evolving landscape of fire safety technology.

Their showcase, particularly of Taktis Fire, highlights the industry’s shift towards integrated, intelligent systems that enhance safety while ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

The exhibition of Kentec’s products at such a prestigious event not only demonstrates their leadership in the field but also their commitment to innovation and adaptability in life-critical technologies.

As the industry moves towards more interconnected and intelligent systems, Kentec’s offerings at Intersec 2024 represent a significant step in that direction, showcasing the potential for enhanced safety and efficiency in fire detection and control.

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