Ramtech expands European network with Lithuanian partner

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Ramtech, a global leader in wireless solutions, has announced its collaboration with UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus”, appointing them as the exclusive distributor in Lithuania.

This strategic partnership aims to enhance site safety across Europe and particularly in Lithuania, broadening Ramtech’s reach and influence in European safety solutions.

Enhancing construction site safety in Lithuania

The alliance with UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus” is a significant move in Ramtech’s European expansion, marking its presence across 16 territories with support in nine languages.

This collaboration is set to deliver a robust level of protection to construction sites during their temporary phases. UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus” will distribute Ramtech’s Wireless Evacuation System (WES3), a proven system in safeguarding numerous high-profile projects including Manchester Airport and the Bank of Austria in Vienna.

Justyna Seed, Ramtech’s Business Development Manager in Europe, commented on the partnership: “We are excited to welcome UAB Saugos Tarnyba ‘Argus’ into our network of esteemed partners.

“Their expertise and dedication make them an ideal collaborator to bring our WES3 solutions to the Lithuanian market.”

Ramtech’s WES3 system: A game-changer in fire safety

WES3, the core product in this partnership, is renowned for its reliability and effectiveness.

The system features manual fire and medical alarm call points, designed to be interlinked for uniform alerts across all site areas.

This is particularly crucial in ensuring comprehensive fire safety in environments where conventional wired solutions are impractical.

The system’s mesh protocol ensures overcoming common signal obstacles like steel structures, offering greater protection.

Romualdas Jonaitis, Chairman at UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus”, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to join forces with Ramtech and introduce its WES3 wireless fire detection and evacuation solutions to Lithuania.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to safety, and we believe it will greatly benefit our clients, particularly those operating in challenging and dynamic environments.”

Future prospects and information

This partnership between Ramtech and UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus” is set to elevate the standards of fire detection and evacuation solutions in Lithuania, contributing to a safer and more secure environment.

For further information about Ramtech and its comprehensive range of wireless fire safety solutions, interested parties can visit www.ramtechglobal.com.

IFSJ Comment

The collaboration between Ramtech and UAB Saugos Tarnyba “Argus” marks a significant stride in enhancing construction site safety in Lithuania and, by extension, in Europe.

Ramtech’s decision to expand its network by partnering with a Lithuanian company underscores the growing importance of international cooperation in safety technology.

The deployment of WES3 systems in Lithuania represents an innovative approach in fire safety, emphasising the need for adaptable and efficient solutions in dynamic construction environments.

This partnership strengthens safety standards and signifies a commitment to global safety protocols, fostering a culture of preparedness and prevention.

As safety challenges evolve, such collaborations become crucial in ensuring the protection of investments and lives.

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