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Kenyon Emergency Services launches new training academy for crisis management

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Kenyon International Emergency Services, a leading provider of disaster response services and part of the global aviation services group Air Partner, has unveiled its new training academy initiative set to commence in 2024.

Delivering comprehensive crisis training

The Kenyon Academy programme aims to provide industry-leading crisis training to delegates from various companies around the globe.

This initiative is designed to empower participants to respond and operate professionally and effectively in emergency or crisis situations.

Kenyon’s extensive experience in managing complex international crises, such as search and rescue operations and providing support after Hurricane Katrina and the Grenfell Tower fire, underpins its capacity to offer specialised training.

Expanding course offerings

The academy will initially launch with four courses: Crisis Leadership, Airline Station Manager, Emergency Response Plan Writing, and Special Assistance Team Management.

Kenyon plans to extend its course offerings to include more from its comprehensive training suite, covering topics like Humanitarian/Family Assistance, Crisis Communications, and Aviation Crisis Management.

These courses will be available both virtually and in-person, depending on the course type, at Kenyon’s locations in Bracknell, UK, and Houston, USA.

The academy will be led by Kenyon’s team of skilled professionals, who are experts in the field of emergency response.

Enhancing accessibility and collaboration

Jonathan Astill, Air Partner Services Division Executive Vice President and Managing Director, emphasised Kenyon’s commitment to high-quality training: “Kenyon International Emergency Services is committed to delivering comprehensive, industry-leading training for emergency response and crisis management.

“With the launch of the 2024 Kenyon Academy programme, we’re excited to make our training more accessible and enable more companies equip themselves with the crucial skills and competencies required to confidently handle any situation.”

The academy introduces a new model allowing individuals to enrol on a ‘per seat basis’, in addition to the in-house training Kenyon already provides.

This model is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals from different companies.

Kenyon also launched a new website, making it easier for customers to access its leading consultancy services and training programmes.

IFSJ Comment

By leveraging its century-long expertise in disaster response, Kenyon is set to enrich the professional skillset of individuals across various industries, enhancing their ability to manage emergencies and crises effectively.

This initiative demonstrates Kenyon’s leadership in disaster response services, underscoring the importance of preparedness and professional development in ensuring effective emergency response.

The academy’s approach to combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, through both virtual and in-person training, reflects an innovative and accessible model for professional education in crisis management.

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