Largest wireless fire protection system installed in Solihull high-rise towers

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An ambitious initiative by Solihull Community Housing to safeguard its residences

Solihull Community Housing has spearheaded a significant safety initiative by incorporating an advanced wireless fire detection and alarm system across its 37 high-rise towers. The implementation, claimed to be the largest of its kind, ensures reliable and early warning fire protection for the inhabitants of these buildings. The equipment has been supplied by Kentec Electronics, a leader in the field of life-critical control systems.

Collaboration with West Midlands Fire Service and Early Birds Fire Protection

This comprehensive project was conducted in close cooperation with the West Midlands Fire Service. Early Birds Fire Protection, a specialist fire protection firm, took up the challenge of installing the equipment. They chose the K-Mesh system from Kentec Electronics, noting its reliability and ease of installation. The system was installed in around 2,000 apartments within a five-mile radius, offering a quick and minimally disruptive solution for local residents and the housing association.

Advanced system offers real-time updates to the emergency services

The innovative system includes approximately 4,000 sensors linked to a mix of Kentec’s Taktis panels and Syncro AS analogue control panels. These are subsequently connected to an alarm monitoring station. “Such is the sophistication of the technology, that in the event of an alarm being raised, fire services and incident commanders are given an immediate view of exactly where smoke has been detected, and/or how far a fire may have progressed,” reports Derrick Hall, Director of Sales at Kentec Electronics.

Consideration for a diverse demographic in installation planning

The planning phase of this project encountered challenges due to the range of residents inhabiting the buildings. Several towers accommodate residents aged 50 and above. An extensive consultation with residents, staff, contractors and the local authority was conducted to understand their needs and take into consideration the significance of early warnings, particularly for residents living with disabilities or dementia.

Endorsements from project stakeholders and beneficiaries

Craig Puddefoot, Managing Director of Early Birds Fire Protection, lauded the project’s execution: “A large project is going to plan with great success and minimal disruption to residents and staff.” Steve Murray, Senior Project Manager for Solihull Community Housing, echoed these sentiments, stating that the project not only offered a customised safety solution but also presented an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of residents’ lifestyles and the importance of early warning systems in emergencies. “We are now able to provide opportunities to spot emergencies sooner, provide life-saving information to fire and emergency staff and keep our community safe,” he said.

With this substantial upgrade to their fire safety system, Solihull Community Housing is paving the way in residential fire safety, setting a potential standard for other housing associations to follow.

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