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We take a look at some of Streamlight’s top lighting products for the fire industry

As a provider of high-performance lighting, Streamlight has a reputation for making tough, ultra-bright flashlights, and their advances in lighting technology have resulted in many specialised products for the fire market.

As the role of a firefighter is highly varied, they have worked with countless emergency service professionals in their 50-year history to shape their products and deliver lighting tools that have been proven to help save lives.

Within this article, you can discover some of the company’s top recommendations.

Survivor® X ATEX

The Survivor® X ATEX is an updated version of Streamlight’s compact Survivor® right-angle torch, now offering 250 lumens, new features for improved operation, and multiple power options to suit user needs and budgets.

The low-profile, Zone 0 rated light is available as a Rechargeable System or as an Alkaline model.

Also available is the Survivor X® USB, a budget-friendly USB rechargeable option for use in Division 2 conditions.

The Alkaline model provides a 25 percent cost saving on batteries compared to the original Survivor, and the Survivor X USB is an economical, USB rechargeable alternative that can also accept alkaline batteries.

Fire and rescue personnel, industrial firefighters, utility workers and others now have an even more powerful and versatile tool to use when operating in the trying conditions they often face.

Vulcan® 180 HAZ-LO® ATEX

Next up, the intrinsically safe Vulcan® 180 HAZ-LO® ATEX.

The perfect lantern for working in dangerous environments such as those with smoke, industrial hazards, or inclement weather.

With its 180° triangular articulating head, firemen, first responders and other users can aim the light beam precisely where it is needed for task lighting purposes.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it is also one of the lightest lanterns in its category.

Featuring a 32-hour run time on low, and two ultra-bright blue taillights for visibility in thick smoke, the new model is ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations.

The light uses three white powerful LEDs for extreme brightness, and three deep-dish parabolic reflectors produce a tight spot beam with optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation.

The flat base area also allows the light to stand on its own for scene lighting.

Portable Scene Light II

The Portable Scene Light II from Streamlight is a 10,000-lumen rechargeable, waterproof scene light featuring a versatile steel frame and 360° rotating head for precise aiming.

It is the perfect scene light for marking exits, post-fire investigation, fire ground clean-up, mobile triage centre lighting, etc.

With zero deployment time and a compact footprint, the Portable Scene Light II requires no set up and is easily used in rapid response situations.

Housed in a high-impact thermoplastic, the virtually indestructible alloy steel frame can be stacked up to three units, creating a bright “light tower” effect with even more lumens for multi-level lighting.

The hooked feet of the light are designed to hang on doors, framing and guard rails.

Enduro® Pro HAZ-LO® ATEX

The Enduro® Pro HAZ-LO® ATEX headlamp is ideal in dangerous environments with potentially hazardous conditions that require flexible lighting options.

For example, the flood LED is strategically placed high on the light to ensure shadow-free lighting when mounted on a hard hat, and the light’s 45° tilting head makes the headlamp easy to use in a variety of settings.

This safety-rated model is ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations.

Powered by easily sourced AAA batteries, the headlamp features two power LEDs and three output modes: spot, flood and a spot/flood combination for maximum brightness.

On high, the spot beam delivers 160 lumens, 1,320 candela and a 73-metre beam distance; the flood beam offers 160 lumens and 100 candela over a 20-metre beam distance.

The combined spot/flood setting provides 235 lumens.

On spot or flood, the run time is 5 hours; in the combination mode, the run time is 4.75 hours.

Dualie® 3AA Color-Rite® ATEX

Last but not least, the Dualie® 3AA Color-Rite® from Streamlight is an intrinsically safe, high-performance LED flashlight that provides the option of bright, white light or high CRI light with Streamlight’s Color-Rite Technology® for true colour recognition.

The compact, handheld light, which is powered by easily sourced AA batteries, is safety-rated for use in Division 1 environments faced by many professionals; it is also ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations and InMetro approved.

The dual beam light includes a high-power white LED for bright area illumination and a High Colour Rendering Index (90 CRI) LED with Streamlight’s proprietary Color-Rite Technology to better see the colour spectrum.

It offers three output modes: a spot beam for distance illumination, a soft, wide flood beam to illuminate work areas and to aid in true colour recognition, and a combined spot and flood beam.
The new light’s spot beam provides 225 lumens and 8,000 candela over a 179-metre beam distance, while the flood beam delivers 175 lumens, 380 candela, and a 39-metre beam distance.

The combined spot and flood beams offer 320 lumens, 7,000 candela and a 167-metre beam distance.

The light includes separate dual head switches for easy user activation of either function.

The two beams can be activated simultaneously by depressing both switches.

Future Endeavours

Streamlight launches many new lighting products each year to multiple markets that they support, including the fire service industry, in which their innovations will only continue.

They work on products right from the very first step, to ensure that they are reliable, high-quality products that provide the latest in technology and in some models, meet the certification requirements for applications in the fire safety market.

Soon you can expect to see the new Stylus Pro® HAZ-LO®, the perfect compact light to carry with you daily, intrinsically safe and withstands the toughest of environments – definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Lighting has evolved at an exponential rate over recent years and with such evolution comes the need for better understanding.

Strategy plays a huge part in firefighting operations, and dependable lighting should be a big consideration that is never overlooked.

Tested, certified products, like Streamlight flashlights and lanterns, will provide you with the confidence and trust needed to save lives.

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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