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The true AFF alternative for all applications

When developing Fomtec Enviro USP, Fomtec aimed to bring a true AFFF alternative to the market that was proven to perform across all applications, with a performance comparable to a high-performance AFFF.

Fomtec Enviro USP has proven to exceed expectations, and through hundreds of tests in the Fomtec Enviro Program, it keeps delivering outstanding performance.

Today, Fomtec Enviro USP can be confidently deployed according to NFPA standards and FM data pages based on massive test data and approvals.

Only through this extensive amount of test data documenting the versatility of Enviro USP when used with a vast amount of real-world foam equipment does the manufacturer recommend the use in so many different applications.

The performance when used in standard sprinklers is similar to Fomtec’s AFFF products when comparing application density and extinguishment times achieved during qualification testing to UL 162. 

In addition to testing on Heptane with sprinklers, Fomtec has added approvals with Jet fuel and other hydrocarbons to broaden the scope of the product.

When tested according to FM 5130 sprinkler test, the product performs whether discharged at 1.8 meters or 14 meters, enabling safe deployment in real-world applications.

Used with topside equipment such as monitors, foam makers, and chambers, the product proves performance across the whole product line, enabling holistic transitions.

Tested at AFFF density (1.63 liters per minute per square meter) according to UL 162, the product safely extinguishes the fire well within three minutes, showing the true scope of this product.

When Enviro USP was tested by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) during their test campaign leading up to the development of the new US Mil-Spec, it proved to have excellent performance at this same low density.

Put to the test on larger-scale fires, Fomtec Enviro USP shows remarkable performance.

In recent testing in Texas, Enviro USP extinguished a 130 square meter fire in less than 60 seconds using densities according to NFPA 11 through a standard non-aspirating monitor.

Fomtec Enviro USP carries approvals for use in fixed low-expansion foam systems and non-aspirated sprinkler systems according to UL 162, FM 5130, and soon VdS.

It is approved to EN 1568 with the highest rating, approved to GESIP standard, ICAO level B for ARFF deployment, and can be used for shipboard firefighting according to IMO 1312 / MED.

All foam systems must consist of components that are proven to work together through testing.

When selecting a fluorine-free foam for a new project or a transition, you need more than just a single-point test; you need a well-documented product with third-party approvals.  

Fomtec Enviro USP is that product.

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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