Lifesafe announces partnership agreement with Lingjack for Southeast Asia expansion

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Partnership details

LifeSafe Holdings plc, a prominent fire safety technology business, has announced a distribution agreement with Lingjack Fire and Life Saving PTY, a leading Asian fire safety company based in Singapore.

This agreement marks LifeSafe’s entry into the Southeast Asian market, significantly expanding its global reach.

The partnership involves the distribution of LifeSafe’s Thermal Runaway Fluid, a product designed to tackle lithium battery fires.

This solution will be incorporated into Lingjack’s range of fire extinguishers and fixed suppression systems across multiple countries including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The Board of LifeSafe anticipates the possibility of further expanding this agreement to include additional products from their range.

Market opportunity and product innovation

The increasing prevalence of lithium battery usage across various industries has necessitated innovative solutions for fire safety.

LifeSafe’s Thermal Runaway Fluid addresses this need by offering a unique solution for extinguishing and preventing the re-ignition of lithium fires.

The Southeast Asian market presents a substantial opportunity for this product, given the growing reliance on lithium batteries in the region.

Dominic Berger, Chairman of LifeSafe, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are pleased to announce this new distribution partnership with such a prestigious and trusted fire safety business such as Lingjack.

“The signing of the partnership extends the Company’s reach into the markets of Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

Lingjack’s perspective and future prospects

Kenneth Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Lingjack Fire and Life Saving PTY, also commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to have signed this distribution agreement with LifeSafe.

“Obtaining access to the innovative and effective fluids and technical support from the LifeSafe team has provided us with the opportunity to launch into the new and growing lithium battery fire extinguisher market.

“Having placed our first purchase order for the Thermal Runway Fluid, we are excited to grow our volumes into the extinguisher and fixed suppression systems market in multiple regions across Southeast Asia.”

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