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MSA Safety inaugurates new manufacturing facility in Morocco

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Expansion of MSA Safety’s manufacturing capabilities

MSA Safety, a global leader in developing safety solutions, has celebrated the grand opening of its new Manufacturing Operations Center in Chelalate, Morocco.

This event marks a significant expansion for the company, which has been present in Morocco since 2002.

The new, larger facility will focus on producing a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) products and is strategically positioned to meet the increasing demand for MSA safety products in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

Investment in growth and safety

The decision to expand in Morocco aligns with MSA Safety’s strategy to invest in regions experiencing growth and increased demand for safety products.

Jose Sanchez, MSA Safety Vice President of MissionOPS, highlighted the significance of the expansion: “Expanding our operation in Morocco is part of our strategy to invest in regions where we’re seeing growth and a demand for our safety products.

“By investing in a larger facility, we’re able to optimize our manufacturing footprint to better serve key markets in the EMEA region, support our growth goals for the product lines that are currently manufactured there, and maintain a high level of customer service.”

In 2021, the Morocco team was awarded the John T. Ryan Sr. Award for Safety Excellence, an internal accolade honoring commitment to safety culture and the MSA mission.

Enhancing regional customer service

Bob Leenen, Senior Vice President and President of MSA International, emphasised the importance of the new facility in enhancing customer service in the region: “The confidence we have in our associates and the leadership team in Morocco is why we’re investing in this location.

“This new facility will provide a better work environment for our growing team and enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers throughout the region.”

IFSJ Comment

The inauguration of MSA Safety’s new Manufacturing Operations Center in Morocco represents a strategic move to enhance the company’s manufacturing capabilities and customer service in the EMEA region.

This expansion reflects the growing global demand for personal protective equipment, an essential aspect of worker safety across various industries.

MSA Safety’s commitment to investing in regions with rising demand not only fosters growth but also reinforces the importance of localized manufacturing to meet specific regional needs.

The new facility in Morocco is a testament to the company’s dedication to safety and its adaptability in a dynamic global market.

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