Lithium-ion battery fires: CheckFire Ltd introduces a new solution with the LFX fire extinguisher range

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Introduction of the LFX range

Today, 30 April 2024, CheckFire Ltd, a trade-only fire safety supplier, has launched the LFX fire extinguisher range, specially designed to address the rising hazards of lithium-ion battery fires.

With lithium-ion batteries increasingly used in a variety of devices and vehicles, the occurrence of related fire incidents has become a notable concern.

The new fire extinguisher range aims to effectively tackle these potentially disastrous fires.

Data on lithium-ion battery fires

In 2023, London saw a significant rise in fires related to lithium-ion batteries, particularly from e-scooters and e-bikes, with a 78% increase in incidents compared to 2022.

Lithium-ion battery fires often result from thermal runaway, a condition caused by overheating, overcharging, physical damage, or internal malfunctions, posing severe risks to safety and property.

Innovative technology of LFX extinguishers

CheckFire’s CommanderEDGE LFX range incorporates endothermic technology that not only suppresses flames but also interrupts the chain reaction of thermal runaway.

This technology is crucial for preventing the spread of fire among battery cells and also manages to address Class A fires effectively.

Comments from the company

Daniel Robins, projects director at CheckFire, explained the challenges and the solutions provided by the new product: “What makes lithium-ion battery fires particularly challenging is the unique nature of these batteries and the substances involved.

With the LFX fire extinguisher range, we’ve developed a solution that can rapidly extinguish lithium-ion battery fires, as well as surrounding collateral Class A fires.”

Environmental impact and certifications

In addition to its firefighting capabilities, the LFX range is notable for being fluorine-free, challenging the preconceived notions about the effectiveness of such products.

The extinguishers have achieved NTA 8133 certification, with the 6-litre model being the first in the UK to do so, marking a milestone for the industry in terms of environmental responsibility and fire safety innovation.

IFSJ comment

The launch of the LFX fire extinguisher range by CheckFire represents a proactive approach to addressing the complex challenges of lithium-ion battery fires.

By integrating advanced firefighting technology with environmental considerations, CheckFire is setting new standards in the fire safety industry, enhancing safety protocols, and contributing to sustainable practices.

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