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LiveU enhances IP-video transmission for SÄRF Sweden’s emergency services

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Expanded deployment aids emergency response and training

Sweden’s Södra Älvsborgs Rescue Service Association (SÄRF) has announced an expansion in its deployment of LiveU’s real-time video transmission solutions, adding significant capabilities to its ‘live and store’ video setup.

This development, aimed at boosting situational awareness and enhancing training procedures, takes place at their headquarters in Boras, serving six municipalities with 25 fire and ambulance stations.

The upgrade incorporates LiveU’s resilient IP-video technology, which now includes live video feeds transmitted from the field to SÄRF’s central operations for more effective fire and accident prevention and response.

This technological enhancement is supported by Entercast, LiveU’s local partner in Sweden, ensuring a robust setup for critical communication and coordination during emergencies.

Technology at the forefront of emergency management

SÄRF has introduced the LU-Smart mobile apps to over 200 rescue crew members, significantly improving operational efficiency during emergencies.

The compact LU300S field encoder and DJI Mavic Pro drone combination provide essential aerial views of incidents, facilitating better management and decision-making during crucial moments.

This setup allows for real-time data analysis and resource deployment, improving the overall effectiveness of the rescue operations.

According to Niklas Ignell, Fire Safety Manager at SÄRF, the technology has become integral to their operations.

Ignell said: “It’s often said one picture says more than 1,000 words. We’ve been using LiveU technology for several years and its reliability, encryption and ease of use, in particular, are critical advantages.

“We’re now using a complete solution where everyone on the team has the LU-Smart app; the firefighters can simply click two buttons after unlocking their phones to get the video app working.”

Ignell further explained the practical applications of the technology in both emergency and non-emergency situations, highlighting its role in ensuring safety and enhancing training procedures.

Enhanced content sharing and security

The integration with Vindral’s content-sharing platform, provided by Entercast, represents a leap forward in secure and efficient information dissemination.

The encrypted feeds received are relayed to the Vindral platform, allowing team members to access live streams securely from any device, which is crucial for maintaining operational security and efficiency.

Paul Shepherd, Channel Sales Director at LiveU, praised SÄRF’s innovative use of the technology.

Shepherd stated: “We’re increasingly seeing our resilient video solutions used for life-saving public safety applications, enabling emergency teams to respond faster and make informed tactical decisions.

“SÄRF is a true innovator with the way that it maximizes its use of our mobile apps and LU300S with the drone.

“It’s very impressive to see how it has expanded its situational awareness capabilities throughout its region using LiveU.”

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