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London Fire Brigade emphasises importance of Home Fire Safety Checker for carers

PRP has been appointed by the government to carry out research on fire safety regulations in care homes and specialist housing.

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With winter nights approaching, the London Fire Brigade is reaching out to those who look after their loved ones to make use of their online Home Fire Safety Checker.

Increase in fire-related injuries observed in October

There are approximately 4.9 million ‘informal carers’ in the UK.

Many are anticipated to visit the homes of those under their care this weekend to adjust clocks, especially those tending to parents, grandparents, and individuals over the age of 65.

LFB data reveals that injuries caused by fires among the over-65s rise by around 50 per cent in October when compared to the previous month.

Moreover, nearly a third of those severely injured or killed by fire are receiving some form of care or assistance.

How the Home Fire Safety Checker assists London residents

The London Fire Brigade’s Home Fire Safety Checker offers a walkthrough for residents, enabling them to spot potential fire hazards and receive customised recommendations to address them.

After its upgrade in April, the Brigade is concentrating its efforts on the most vulnerable; hence, individuals categorised as ‘very high risk’ after using the checker will be reached out to by firefighters within a four-hour window.

Diana, who takes care of her mother in Hampton, shared her experience: “A few months ago, my mum placed a candle under the TV and burnt a hole through it.

“Luckily, the plastic melted but didn’t cause a fire. A relative suggested we use the Home Fire Safety Checker to identify other potential risks in her home.

“It just gives me a bit of peace of mind knowing we’ve taken the time to check for these things in her home.”

Authorities emphasise the significance of Home Fire Safety

Assistant Commissioner for Prevention and Protection, Charlie Pugsley, commented: “With the clocks going back and the nights getting longer and colder, there’s a heightened risk of fires.

“We urge both formal and informal carers to take a few minutes to sit down and complete our Home Fire Safety Checker.

“It could make all the difference this winter to keeping your loved ones safe from fire.”

Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience, Fiona Twycross, added: “The Brigade’s free online safety checker is an optimal method to recognise potential fire threats in your residence or that of someone you look after.”

For further details on identifying and mitigating fire hazards in a loved one’s house, refer to the Brigade’s Carers Guide to Home Fire Safety.

IFSJ Comment

The emphasis on Home Fire Safety, especially as the colder months approach, is critical.

The latest initiative by the London Fire Brigade, targeting informal carers, reflects the pressing need to ensure the safety of the elderly and those receiving care.

With statistical data indicating an uptick in fire-related injuries among the over-65s during October, this outreach is timely.

The Home Fire Safety Checker not only identifies potential hazards but also educates individuals, providing actionable recommendations to reduce fire risks.

This proactive approach by the Brigade serves as a reminder to all of the collective responsibility in safeguarding our communities.

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