Magirus delivers compact urban firefighting trucks to Italian province

2022-04-04 Magirus PR_Consegna CITY 2020 Omegna_Pic 01

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Eight Magirus urban fire-fighting vehicles were officially handed over to local fire brigades in Omegna on a special day full of institutional appointments.

The handover, which took place on April 2, 2022 in Omegna in the Italian Province Verbano-Cusio-Ossala (VCO), was in the presence of local authorities, the President of the Italian Firefighter Association, the Provincial Commander of the volunteer fire brigades VCO, the Presidents of the Cariplo Foundation and the VCO Community Foundation as well as representatives of local volunteer fire departments.

The eight Magirus CITY 2020 tank pumpers were handed over to the fire brigades of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. Magirus won the tender from the Italian Ministry of the Interior by offering its CITY 2020, a very compact urban fire-fighting vehicle. Andrea Mantoan, President of the local firefighter association “Vigili del Fuoco Volontari Sezione del VCO” said: “We chose the CITY 2020 for its versatility and compactness. Thanks to its short wheelbase, this fire engine can be manoeuvred with great ease. Magirus offered us the ideal combination of state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge performance”.

The CITY 2020 features the ‘Made in Brescia‘ double cab, the Iveco Eurocargo chassis, the high-performance fire pump (2,000 l/min at 10 bar and 350 l/min at 40 bar), a water tank with 2,200 litres and a foam tank with 120 litres.

Its compact measurements, large loading capacities, the short wheelbase of only 3,105 mm and the vehicle height of 3,100 mm improve its turning radius and lower its centre of gravity. These technical features make the vehicle complete, easy to manoeuvre and usable on a variety of operations.

The goal of the volunteer fire brigades to buy eight fire-fighting vehicles was ambitious, but thanks to the help of many it was achieved: the association of local volunteer fire brigades managed to raise the money needed to renew the vehicle fleet that was more than thirty years old. This success, made up of team spirit, a strong sense of belonging and love for the territory, has its roots in 2017.

In that year, the VCO association set up the foundation

“FONDO SOCCORSO SICURO” at the Community Foundation of the VCO to support volunteer fire brigades, with the main aim of replacing the outdated vehicle fleet.

The following year the project was put forward in the Cariplo Foundation’s call for proposals and the municipalities of the VCO were asked to cooperate. In 2019, the Cariplo Foundation and 74 municipalities raised the necessary funds. The contract for the purchase of the eight CITY 2020 Magirus fire-fighting vehicles was then signed.

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