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Malaysian fire and rescue department enhances pilot training with UAE simulation exercises

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Overview of the training initiative

The Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) has announced a significant initiative to enhance the skills and safety of its pilots through simulated helicopter emergency training in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Datuk Nor Hisham Mohammad, JBPM’s Director-General, confirmed the department’s commitment to improving operational safety by allocating RM800,000 for the training of all 17 pilots.

The simulation training aims to significantly reduce the risk of air accidents.

To date, four JBPM pilots have undergone this training, with completion for the remaining team expected by the year’s end.

Impact of global events on pilot training schedules

The initiative, originally planned for earlier execution, faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was further impacted by geopolitical tensions arising from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

These events prevented access to previously used simulation facilities in Ukraine.

However, JBPM adapted by identifying and utilising similar facilities developed recently in the UAE.

“Starting last year, we found that similar facilities were developed in the UAE, and we began sending JBPM teams there, with four pilots sent in November last year,” said Mohammad during the JBPM honorary rank awards ceremony in Kuantan.

Strategic importance of the training program

The training program is part of JBPM’s broader strategy to maintain high safety standards and preparedness among its personnel.

By investing in sophisticated simulation training, the department ensures that its pilots are equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

This initiative is critical for maintaining the operational readiness and safety of JBPM’s aviation units, particularly in response to emergencies where precision and skill are crucial.

IFSJ comment

The decision by JBPM to invest in advanced simulated training for its pilots in the UAE underscores the department’s proactive approach to safety and skill enhancement.

By adapting to global challenges and seeking out international training solutions, JBPM demonstrates a commitment to excellence and safety in its operations.

This training prepares pilots for a wide range of emergency scenarios and contributes to the overall resilience and capability of the department.

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