Bull Products advances sustainability in fire safety


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Bull Products makes strides towards carbon neutrality by 2030

Bull Products has outlined its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The company has taken several proactive steps to reduce its environmental impact.

This includes conducting an energy survey of its facilities and committing to a power supply contract that ensures a minimum of 70% energy from renewable sources.

This figure is set to reach 100% by the decade’s end. The company will also phase out the use of mains gas.

Bull Products CEO, Sandy Damm, stated: “On our journey to be carbon neutral by 2030, we are already taking purposeful steps to minimise the fuel we consume and increase our energy supply from renewable sources.”

Sustainability efforts aiding customers

Bull Products’ strategy extends beyond internal improvements to support its customer base effectively.

Efforts include minimising waste and carbon emissions through lean manufacturing processes and prioritising the sourcing of materials from local suppliers.

The company’s products, including its fire alarm systems, bear the ‘Made in Britain’ mark, indicating adherence to high standards of British manufacturing.

“Reducing waste and minimising carbon emissions in our product manufacturing, supply and servicing of those products is a top priority for us,” added Damm.

Green Bull division and asset management

The Green Bull division of Bull Products plays a crucial role in the company’s sustainability strategy.

It focuses on the recovery, revival, and reuse of fire protection equipment, thus extending the lifecycle of products.

Additionally, Bull Products offers an asset management service that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of fire safety equipment used in building and construction projects.

This service includes the recovery, servicing, and reinstallation of equipment like fire extinguishers and alarms at new sites.

Enhancing efficiency through skilled engineering

The company ensures that its engineers are skilled across multiple disciplines, enabling them to service a variety of equipment in one visit, thereby reducing travel and associated emissions.

Damm emphasised: “It is important to ensure engineers are multi-skilled so they can service fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and conduct a fire risk assessment as well as service the access control equipment on site, if required to do so.”

IFSJ Comment

Bull Products is spearheading environmental stewardship in the fire safety sector, showcasing a robust model for industry-wide sustainability.

By integrating comprehensive waste reduction, renewable energy use, and efficient practices, Bull Products is both supporting its sustainability goals and setting a benchmark for the sector.

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