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Mann McGowan appoint Falcon Acoustics & Passive Fire Solutions as distributor

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Mann McGowan have announced a partnership with Falcon Acoustics & Passive Fire Solutions Pvt. Ltd, which sees Falcon become distributors of Mann McGowan intumescent fire, acoustic and smoke seals to the construction and passive fire protection industries in India.

This partnership brings together a wealth of technical and commercial experience and knowledge from both sides.

Mann McGowan design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of fire, smoke and acoustic seals to meet industry requirements and customers’ needs and specifications. To ensure the safe compliance on all fire doors and to develop our product range, we work closely with door, glass and hardware manufacturers. Every product is subjected to rigorous quality control and most importantly independent third-party evaluation and testing to various national standards.

Falcon operate pan-India with their base in Mumbai. Their vision is to empower every construction contractor with the right set of economical tools and products to protect every single building, thereby every single life, from fire. Their mission is for every single Architect, Consultant, Developer and Contractor across the country to understand that “Passive Fire Protection” is not expensive, and that it is fundamental to human right to life.

Jamie Scott, Managing Director of Mann McGowan, commented: “This new collaboration with Falcon is another exciting phase in Mann McGowan’s global business development strategy. We are delighted to enter the Indian passive fire protection market with Joseph and his team at Falcon who are so very highly regarded throughout the industry.”

Varghese Joseph Parackal, Managing Director of Falcon, said “I find the testing regime Mann McGowan follow is unparalleled and the technical support I have received is simply excellent. I must say I am proud to be associated with the Mann McGowan brand”.

For further information, please contact Tim Foster on +44 (0)783 3052920 or [email protected], or [email protected]

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