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GALLET F2XR: ONE helmet – DIVERSE rescue missions


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As our planet’s climate increasingly reveals the devastating impact caused by human emissions of greenhouse gasses since the mid-20th century, life as we know it is changing on a global scale. Considered by many to be one of the defining issues of our time, climate change is not only an environmental problem. It is an economical, industrial, political and technological matter of increasing urgency, as is seen by its impact on the fire and rescue industry.

Flooding, earthquakes, wildfires and cyclones are on the rise, and based on evidence that emergency services are increasingly called upon to aid and rescue in these dangerous scenarios, they need to be equipped with gear that is optimised and adaptable for new and potentially unexplored applications.

GALLET F2XR: A versatile solution

The new GALLET F2XR from MSA has been developed to equip fire and rescue services for a variety of rescue missions. It is tested and certified to the highest standards for forest firefighting, technical rescue, rescue at height and water rescue (on both motorised and non-motorised rescue boats). The F2XR is an adaptable and comfortable helmet platform that is suitable for a wide range of applications and needs, be it for professional or volunteer firefighters, thanks to interchangeable and customisable.

The rescue helmet is equipped with innovative components that provide excellent protection and comfort in different environments, such as the integrated ocular protection visor with adjustable face fitting or the integrated dual-beam headlamp, which was developed to provide effective illumination especially during longer and challenging missions. It enables short-range illumination as well as a spot beam for illuminating a target in the distance. The three-colour rear light for quick identification of different teams further enhances the safety of the user.

The improved Responder goggles, face protection, ear protection for water rescue operations, neck protection, as well as active and passive hearing protection are further convincing accessories, which can all be quickly attached to the helmet and are easily adjustable with gloves for both right-handed and left-handed users.

To ensure optimum air circulation and keep the wearer cool in high ambient temperatures, the GALLET F2XR has been equipped with a double ventilation shell pattern.

To learn more about the GALLET F2XR from MSA, click here.

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