Meeting reveals cladding concerns brought before Secretary of State


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Recent discussions between Secretary of State Michael Gove and the End Our Cladding Scandal group have highlighted continued concerns surrounding the cladding issue.

These concerns were voiced in a post by representatives of the End Our Cladding Scandal group.

Industry’s role in the cladding crisis

One of the main topics of discussion was the role of construction product manufacturers in the cladding debacle.

The group asked: “Why construction product manufacturers, who are partly responsible for this crisis, continue to profit from innocent leaseholders?”

They pressed for accountability measures such as taxation or levies to be imposed on these companies.

Rising building insurance premiums and cladding

Another pressing issue was the steep increase in insurance premiums faced by leaseholders.

It was reported that many have seen their premiums rise significantly, despite reassurances about a Reinsurance Scheme.

A key concern was the shift in insurance justifications: “The insurers were now blaming escape of water for soaring insurance costs despite having previously told us and the Government that the premiums were due to the ‘fire risks associated with the buildings’.”

Challenges for social landlords and shared owners

Concerns were also raised about housing association shared owners. Some examples included individuals incurring losses of up to £1,000 a month, leading to severe health and mental health issues.

Gove acknowledged these concerns, noting that he had constituents experiencing similar challenges.

He stated that “there is more the Department could do” regarding housing associations.

IFSJ Comment

This meeting between the End Our Cladding Scandal group and Michael Gove, Secretary of State, highlights the far-reaching consequences and complexities of the cladding crisis.

For those in the fire and safety industry, understanding these developments provides a clearer picture of both the legislative landscape and public sentiment.

From insurance implications to the roles of manufacturers, every facet of this issue has a direct impact on how professionals approach building safety, risk management, and the broader conversation around construction integrity.

About End Our Cladding Scandal Group

The End Our Cladding Scandal Group is an advocacy organisation focusing on the issues arising from the cladding crisis.

They represent the voices of thousands of affected leaseholders and are committed to ensuring safe housing for all, holding those responsible accountable, and addressing the widespread financial implications faced by innocent homeowners.

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