Product Focus: Streamlight’s Portable Scene Light II

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The Portable Scene Light II from Streamlight is a 10,000-lumen rechargeable, waterproof scene light featuring a versatile steel frame and 360° rotating head for precise aiming.

It is the perfect scene light for marking exits, post-fire investigation, fire ground clean-up, mobile triage centre lighting, etc.

With zero deployment time and a compact footprint, the Portable Scene Light II requires no set up and is easily used in rapid response situations.

Housed in a high-impact thermoplastic, the virtually indestructible alloy steel frame can be stacked up to three units, creating a bright “light tower” effect with even more lumens for multi-level lighting.

The hooked feet of the light are designed to hang on doors, framing and guard rails.

Bright, waterproof and rechargeable

“The Portable Scene Light II is the brightest waterproof and rechargeable scene light on the market today,” said Streamlight’s Chief Revenue Officer, Michael F. Dineen.

“The steel frame is virtually unbreakable, and the light offers exceptional brightness.

“This versatile tool is ideal for tactical and industrial uses such as lighting triage centres, accident scenes and vehicle check points, and inspecting construction sites and remote equipment.”

Featuring five intensity levels, the Portable Scene Light II has a toggle switch on the digital display that allows users to adjust up or down for brightness intensity and run time. The user can change the output at any time as needed.

Read more about Streamlight’s portable scene light solution here.

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