Middle East energy giants turn to Blackline Safety for worker protection

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Leading energy companies from Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have collaborated with Blackline Safety, a pioneering name in connected safety technology, for worker protection.

New contracts exceed $1.3 million

In a recent announcement from Calgary, Canada, Blackline Safety Corp. revealed that they have clinched deals worth more than $1.3 million over the past six months with three top energy brands from the Middle East.

The significant purchase includes 1,200 G7c and 200 G7x portable gas detectors, 50 G7 EXO area gas monitors, and 40 G7 Bridges.

These tools are geared towards ensuring the safety of their workforce at diverse locations across the Middle East.

Several equipment deliveries have been fulfilled, and the remaining hardware and service revenue will be accrued within the forthcoming year.

Blackline Safety: Setting the benchmark in connected safety

The company’s holistic solution for lone worker and gas detection not only augments frontline worker safety but also refines operations by offering insights from real-time data.

This puts Blackline Safety at a vantage point to grasp the burgeoning global connected worker industry, which projects a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent.

Peter Attalla, Vice President, International Sales remarked: “The contracts we’ve secured represent fresh connected gas detection agreements.

“Our clients are increasingly seeking connected safety in diverse and remote environments.

“It’s evident that only Blackline Safety can meet this demand, offering real-time insights into on-field worker experiences.”

He further elaborated on the company’s growing rapport with their clientele, saying: “Consistent positive feedback and the unparalleled reliability and real-time capability of our devices make us the preferred choice.

“We initiated by introducing our lone worker solution, and now our clients are investing in our comprehensive gas detection product suite.”

This is the second instance in 2023 where the company has announced notable contracts in the Middle East.

Earlier in January, Blackline was designated a favoured supplier for a prominent energy enterprise in a deal that surpassed $1 million.

Their rental business is also witnessing an uptick, especially for the G7c and G7 EXO devices in Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Endorsing the company’s growing influence, Attalla stated: “The escalating growth indicates our global appeal.

“Firms globally are committed to safeguarding their employees at work.

“Blackline’s solutions resonate with this ethos, instilling confidence in workers to execute their roles safely.”

IFSJ Comment

The alignment of leading Middle Eastern energy companies with Blackline Safety underscores a pivotal trend in global safety standards.

As industries rapidly evolve, the emphasis on connected safety technology grows equally crucial.

Blackline Safety’s inroads into the Middle East, marked by their significant contracts, exemplify this shift.

It’s heartening to see companies prioritise their frontline workers, ensuring not only efficiency but also safety, through technology.

This collaboration serves as a testament to the future of workplace safety, where real-time data and advanced devices become fundamental.

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