MSA Safety donate 300 half-mask respirators to COVID Courage

COVID Courage

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Global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA) have announced the donation of 300 Advantage elastomeric
half-mask respirators (EHMRs) and 600 sets of P-100 filter cartridges to COVID Courage, a New York City-based non-profit organisation focused on supplying NYC healthcare providers with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

By design, elastomeric half-mask respirators are tight-fitting reusable respirators that cover a wearer’s nose and mouth and utilise twin filters to provide respiratory protection. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that NIOSH-approved respirators, including MSA’s Advantage line of EHMRs, are appropriate for use against SARSCoV-2 in healthcare settings.

This established class of respirator can play a critical role in the nation’s response to COVID-19 and, importantly, bolster future readiness for similar microbial viruses and other emergencies. “All of us at MSA appreciate and are grateful for the efforts of COVID Courage to get PPE into the hands of those who need it now, particularly given the current resurgence of COVID-19,” said Steve Blanco, President of MSA’s Americas business segment.

“When COVID Courage contacted MSA to gauge our ability to support their efforts, we were eager help out. The mission of COVID Courage aligns very well with that of MSA Safety – protecting people at work. We are pleased to be able to support their efforts while also doing what we can to help educate more medical providers on the many benefits of deploying reusable air-purifying respirators in healthcare settings to help protect frontline workers from COVID-19.”

Mr. Blanco noted that elastomeric respirators can play a critical role in easing PPE insecurity because of their ability to be cleaned, disinfected and reused. In addition, studies show that the strategic incorporation of EHMRs into a respiratory protection program can lead to lower usage costs as well as reduced warehousing needs and fewer product expiration concerns.

The connection between MSA and Covid Courage was made by SecondMuse, an impact innovation firm working to connect PPE manufacturers to front line workers. COVID Courage has distributed the MSA respirators to The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) and has
purchased an additional 100 MSA EHMRs for use in the same facility, enabling TBHC to reach their goal of protecting 1,000 frontline healthcare workers with reusable masks.

“COVID Courage recognises that reusable respirators are crucial in medical settings as we continue to manage increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in these facilities. Reusable PPE enables healthcare facilities to be resilient, self-sufficient, and to provide sustainable and reliable protection for their
employees” said Dr. Natasha Anushri Anandaraja, Co-Founder of COVID Courage.

Dr. Anandaraja continued, “We greatly appreciate the support from MSA Safety and Second Muse, and the opportunity to use this additional supply of PPE to protect those on the front lines of this pandemic here in New York City.” Throughout the pandemic, MSA Safety has continued to produce elastomeric halfmask and full-facepiece air-purifying respirators to assist with the industry’s need for PPE.

Most recently, the company received NIOSH approval for its Advantage 290 Respirator – the first EHMR designed without an exhalation valve to receive NIOSH certification. For more information about elastomeric mask use in healthcare settings, please visit

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