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MSA Safety showcases connected safety solutions at the A+A Trade Fair and Congress

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MSA Safety unveils its Connected Work Platform

MSA Safety, a global leader in safety solutions development, is presenting its array of connected safety solutions this week at the 2023 A+A Trade Fair and Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The event will span from 24 October to 27 October.

ALTAIR io 4: Powering the Connected Work Platform

MSA Safety is introducing its Connected Work Platform to Europe.

This fully-integrated safety solution offers superior data analytics, promoting safety compliance, simplifying manual tasks, reducing paperwork, and fostering proactive safety management.

The engine behind the Connected Work Platform is the ALTAIR io 4 Connected Gas Detector.

With its innovative design, it easily links with the MSA Grid cloud-based software and the ALTAIR io Dock.

This integration ensures real-time data accessibility, which is pivotal for enhancing worker safety.

Combined with the MSA+ subscription service, both the ALTAIR io 4 device and MSA+ pave the way for an effective hardware and software partnership.

This combination seeks to simplify safety program management and push for safety and productivity across various work environments.

“Our focus is on helping to keep workers safe,” remarked Dave Howells, MSA Safety Vice President of Sales and International Marketing.

“We’re excited to be featuring our connected worker solutions at A+A that will give attendees a hands-on opportunity to learn how MSA is using technology to enhance our industry-leading products that connect and detect for safety and for sustainability, while helping to make work safer, easier and more productive.”

MSA Safety’s standout products at A+A

Visitors at the A+A Trade Fair will have the chance to engage with MSA product specialists and engineers. They will be discussing a range of topics, including fall protection, head protection, respiratory protection, and detection monitoring solutions. Some highlighted products for this year comprise:

  • V-SERIES Harnesses, which emphasise superior comfort and flexibility.
  • MSA V-TEC Mini Personal Fall Limiter, known for its compactness and light weight, now available in the EMEA region.
  • MSA V-SHOCK Self-Retracting Device, designed for comfort and ease of use, also debuting in the EMEA region.
  • FL500-H2 UV/IR Flame Detector for Hydrogen, showcasing how it can aid in facility protection against fires.
  • V-Gard Helmets, which are customizable head protection solutions for workers.

For an immersive experience of these products and MSA Safety’s services, attendees can visit the MSA Safety booth in Hall 1, Stand B39.

For continuous updates on the A+A Expo, one can visit this site or stay tuned to MSA’s social media channels.

IFSJ Comment

The world of safety solutions continues to evolve with companies like MSA Safety at the helm.

Their innovative approaches, as displayed at the A+A Trade Fair and Congress, not only push the boundaries of technology but also show a commitment to global worker safety.

MSA Safety’s foray into creating a fully-connected safety solution, particularly for the European market, highlights the importance of integrating technology to enhance worker safety measures.

Their broad spectrum of products, ranging from fall protection to detection monitoring solutions, emphasises their dedication to covering every aspect of worker safety.

These advancements will play a crucial role in setting higher industry standards.

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