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MSA Safety to showcase cutting edge PPE at the Emergency Services Show

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MSA Safety Incorporated, a global leader in firefighter safety equipment and technology, will be demonstrating its full suite of cutting-edge, compatible personal protective equipment (PPE) for the first responder market at the upcoming Emergency Services Show (ESS) in Birmingham this week on 21-22 September. 

The MSA team will demonstrate how its fire protective clothing, helmets, breathing apparatus, advanced communications, and gas detection systems work seamlessly together in range of different applications.

Show attendees will be invited to experience MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform, a new suite of advanced safety technologies that work in concert to significantly improve firefighter monitoring, accountability and communication.  Two key components of the Platform are the LUNAR Connected Device and MSA’s FireGrid software services.

A multifunctional handheld device, LUNAR provides personal thermal imaging and several other innovative features that are designed to enhance firefighter safety and accountability.  The innovations include MSA’s proprietary Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.) network, which alerts and guides teammates to downed team members. 

LUNAR also features cloud connectivity providing incident command with an overview of on-scene operations by aggregating data from other MSA devices, such as the M1 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), which was recently selected by the London Fire Brigade as its new respiratory protection system of choice. 

In use, LUNAR can transmit vital SCBA data such as cylinder air pressure, battery status and various alarm indicators. The FireGrid component enables incident commanders to evaluate and manage multiple situations, in real time, and from any location.

Also on show from MSA Safety at the Emergency Services Show

At this year’s ESS, MSA will be introducing several enhancements to these leading-edge technologies, and other innovative products, including:

  • M1 Control Module – LUNAR Compatibility: which leverages the integrated Bluetooth capabilities of the M1 Control Module, cylinder air pressure and other alarm indicators can be aggregated by LUNAR and transmitted to FireGrid to provide incident commanders with real time fireground information.  Additionally, incoming alerts from incident command (such as evacuation requests) can be relayed through LUNAR to the M1 Control Module to alert firefighters to immediately exit the structure.  The M1 Control Module and LUNAR® devices are designed to work together as one system – when paired, LUNAR’s motion alarm capabilities will default to the M1 Control Module to not distract firefighters with have to managing two motion sensing devices.
  • Map View: Leveraging the GPS capability in devices such as LUNAR, incident commanders will now be able to monitor their crew’s location in the FireGrid application.
  • Fotokite Partnership: Tethered drone technology from Fotokite will be on display, featuring its aerial video capabilities that will be integrated into MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform through future development projects to help increase situational awareness.
  • MSA Bristol’s lines of protective clothing: EOS, the structural firefighting kit designed for ultimate particulate protection, and the brand-new Bristol X4, developed to meet the requirements of firefighters in continental Europe, will be on display.  Both lines have been manufactured with the latest high quality fabric combinations from leading fiber and fabric manufacturers such as WL Gore, PBI Performance Products and Hainsworth. Designed to meet the requirements of CEN standard EN469 Level 2, they feature ergonomic shaping and a streamlined fit, reducing bulk and weight, all while maintaining full range of motion.
  • Fire helmets: MSA will be exhibiting a selection of helmets for firefighters, such as the iconic Gallet F1XF, as well as recently developed helmet solutions for a wider range of emergency personnel, including the police and ambulance services.  The Gallet F2XR is a modular and versatile design, with a variety of accessories, that can be adapted for use in a wide range of first responder applications including wildland firefighting, technical rescue, police operations and medical emergencies.

According to Jason Traynor, General Manager of MSA’s Global Fire Service Products, MSA Safety’s presence at ESS will be the biggest and boldest to date.  Traynor said: “It’s exciting to be back at the Emergency Services Show with so much to share and demonstrate to attendees.

“This includes the latest protective clothing designs, a new range of versatile helmets and SCBA tailored specifically to the UK market, and our extensive line of advanced connected solutions – all of which work in concert to enhance firefighter safety.”

He added: “Emergency services personnel face challenges and highly dangerous situations every single day and must be able to put their trust in their protective clothing and equipment.

“At MSA we take our responsibility as a leader and innovator in this field very seriously.  We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and develop solutions that give them confidence to face these challenges, always keeping safety at the heart of what we do.”

During the conference, MSA Safety experts will participate in a panel discussion on Technology Innovation and Fire Ground Use.  The event is scheduled for 10.30am on Wednesday 21st September, and will include an interactive LUNAR experience session at 11:00 am on Thursday 22nd September. 

To stay up to date with the latest news from MSA at the Emergency Services Show, visit the MSA Stand D40, visit or follow MSA Fire’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. 

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