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MSA Safety to debut Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet at FDIC International

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The Cairns 1836 is the first new-to-market traditional-style fire helmet from MSA Cairns in 20 years.

Since the first firefighter helmets were introduced across the USA and Europe in the 1820s, fire helmets have evolved significantly. This has been in response to the introduction of new materials and technology, and to suit the changing nature of incidents and operations. Today, MSA Safety is the world leader in fire helmets, featuring two of the industry’s most iconic brands: Cairns and Gallet.

MSA is continuing the tradition of innovation and responding to the needs of the fire service with the launch of its latest fire helmet: the MSA Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet. The helmet will be making its industry debut at the 2024 FDIC International in Indianapolis, Indiana, this April.

Today’s firefighters appreciate and expect the latest in technology, equipment, and operational oversight, but also thirst for the history and traditions of the fire service. The Cairns 1836 traditional-style fire helmet brings modernization and upgrades to the helmet market for this next generation of firefighters.

MSA Cairns 1836: Where tradition meets innovation

Engineered with the quality, durability and safety that firefighters have come to expect from MSA Cairns, the Cairns 1836 is the first new-to-market traditional-style fire helmet from MSA Cairns in 20 years. The Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet was developed in response to customer preference for a lower profile helmet that is comfortable and is easier to clean. It accommodates the widest range of head sizes, with the Cairns 1836 fitting 95 percent of male and female firefighters based on NIOSH anthropometric test data.

The new helmet is one of the lightest weight traditional-style fire helmets available in the North American market, featuring a reduced ride height and fewer overall parts compared to other MSA Cairns traditional-style helmets. With a patent-pending slide-lock system, the Cairns 1836 is designed for quicker and easier disassembly and reassembly to help make cleaning and inspection simpler. With removable soft goods, the overall helmet design addresses industry preference for a helmet that can help promote increased cleaning frequency.

In addition to the lower profile and redesigned soft goods, new features include an articulating integrated Defender® Lens and laser-etched product information in the helmet, which eliminates the need for labels. More eye protection options are available, including NFPA Bourkes, a 4-inch faceshield and ESS goggles.

With integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, it’s easy to track and manage Cairns 1836 helmets through MSA FireGrid® Inventory Management software. FireGrid can sort and filter helmets, manage new and existing helmets assets, and help with assigning helmets to firefighters and manage helmet cleanings, inspections and retirements.

The helmet is available in traditional black, red, white and yellow colors, plus a variety of painted colors. Fronts are also customizable on the Cairns 1836, with 5.5- and 6-inch front styles available and front holder options including the carved eagle and new silkscreen eagle and Maltese cross options.

With a focus on tradition and responding to today’s customers preferences, the Cairns 1836 is the latest innovation in providing head-to-toe protection to help keep firefighters safe. Globally, firefighters rely on MSA Safety to respond to their changing needs and use the latest technology and designs to help protect their lives and help them protect their communities. 

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