New Cygnus Alert platform enhances site safety with real-time monitoring

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Cygnus introduces cloud-based alert and monitoring platform

Cygnus has launched a new notification and monitoring platform, Cygnus Alert, as a cloud-based solution aimed at enhancing site safety.

This platform is part of Cygnus’ SmartNet range of fire detection and alarm systems, which are notable for being fully wireless and meeting EN 54 certification standards.

Cygnus Alert allows integrators and site administrators to receive real-time updates on events, faults, or system status, facilitating quick responses to any situations that may arise on site.

The service is accessed via a cellular module that supports both 2G and 4G networks and includes features like user management and notifications through a cloud portal.

This can be accessed through a web browser or via an Android app, providing flexibility for users in different settings.

The platform’s design ensures it integrates smoothly with the existing SmartNet systems either at the time of installation or as a retrofit to enhance capabilities of current setups.

Enhanced response capabilities with real-time data

Real-time data transmission is a core feature of the Cygnus Alert system, ensuring that site administrators are always informed of the status of their fire safety systems through the cloud portal, app, and SMS notifications.

Each control panel in the SmartNet range can accommodate a Cygnus Alert module, with the cloud portal capable of managing and notifying multiple sites simultaneously.

This scalability makes the platform suitable for a variety of environments including residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, as well as transport hubs and construction sites.

The system’s ability to display detailed system information such as battery status, mesh connectivity, and fault history remotely is particularly valuable for comprehensive monitoring.

Chris Bolger, Chief Technology Officer at Cygnus, highlighted the benefits of the new system: “We’re delighted to be introducing Cygnus Alert to enhance user features for our SmartNet range.

“This allows for a new era of efficiency and responsiveness with remote monitoring to our systems.

“With its seamless hardware integration, easy to use cloud portal and app, the Cygnus Alert system empowers organisations and individuals to stay one step ahead and ensure optimum safety and efficiency.

“It brings peace of mind to both site administrators and their clients.”

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the Cygnus Alert platform by Cygnus represents a thoughtful expansion of their safety technology offerings, focusing on real-time monitoring and immediate responsiveness.

This initiative is part of a broader trend in the fire safety industry towards integrating more advanced technological solutions to enhance safety protocols and reduce response times.

Such developments are critical as they provide both safety managers and site occupants with enhanced tools to manage potential fire risks effectively.

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