Promat to address fire risk management in energy upgrades at FPA Spring Seminar

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Addressing fire risks in energy upgrades: Promat’s role at FPA Spring Seminar on Wednesday 17 April

Promat will play a central role in the Fire Protection Association’s Spring Seminar, focusing on managing fire risks during energy performance upgrades of buildings.

As this year’s headline sponsor, the seminar will feature discussions led by industry experts including Promat’s Technical Director, Nigel Morrey.

The seminar is aligned with themes of fire safety and sustainability within the built environment, topics that are increasingly crucial in light of global sustainability efforts.

Key themes and expert discussions

The seminar will extend discussions from COP28, which brought global leaders together to debate carbon emissions in the built environment.

Nigel Morrey and other panel experts will explore the implications of energy upgrades on fire safety.

“With an increased focus on effective fire safety mitigation in the construction industry, partnered with the tough challenges of addressing sustainability, this event will be an important opportunity to raise awareness of potential fire risks in energy upgrades – and discuss how to address these,” said Morrey.

Seminar details and participant information

The FPA Spring Seminar is scheduled for April 17 at the Chicago Booth’s London Conference Centre and will also be available online.

Promat, part of the Etex group, is known for its expertise in protective board solutions that maintain compartmentation and ensure structural integrity in fire events.

This seminar aims to facilitate a broad discussion on balancing fire safety with sustainable building practices.

IFSJ Comment

The involvement of Promat in the FPA Spring Seminar underscores the critical intersection of fire safety and environmental sustainability in building design.

As the built environment contributes significantly to global emissions, discussions at such seminars are essential for developing safe and sustainable architectural practices.

By addressing these dual aspects, the seminar not only promotes enhanced fire safety protocols but also supports the broader goals of sustainability in the construction industry.

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