New WindowMaster WSC 104 S AR smoke control panel addresses UK fire safety concerns

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Responding to evolving fire safety needs in the UK

In a recent development, WindowMaster, a Danish CleanTech company known for its expertise in natural, hybrid, and smoke ventilation systems, has launched the WSC 104 S AR CompactSmoke 4A Smoke control panel.

This product, an addition to the successful WSC 104 series, is designed to comply with the updated building regulations in the UK.

The new smoke panel not only offers life safety smoke ventilation but also integrates comfort ventilation, marking a significant step in the company’s efforts to provide innovative solutions in smoke and heat ventilation.

Features and benefits of the WSC 104 S AR

The latest addition, the WSC 104 S AR, stands out with its capability to automatically reset the control panel when a fire alarm signal ceases.

This small, easily configurable unit, utilising eight DIP switch-based controls, enhances both value and functionality for installers.

It emerges as a crucial device in the context of evolving building safety regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Additionally, it serves as a supportive tool for Responsible Persons (RPs) who face increased legal duties under the new fire safety guidance laws and are obligated to prioritise occupant safety.

WindowMaster’s CEO on the new smoke control panel

Erik Boyter, the CEO of WindowMaster, commented on the new product’s launch: “UK Businesses are adapting to an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and fire-safety is now a primary concern for all.

“That’s why interest in our smoke panel devices is at an all-time high.

“Since the success of our first unit, we have been constantly reviewing ways to push forward and further optimise performance.

“The WSC 104 S AR device is the result of these refinements, developed to support the WSC 104 with a control panel that meets the demands of the UK market.”

The role of WSC 104 S AR in enhancing building safety

Boyter further added: “Concerns around occupant safety will continue to be at the forefront of building design and specification.

“Our WSC 104 S AR unit will prove an important piece in the fire safety puzzle and continues to underline our commitment to ensuring occupant safety with sustainable solutions.

“With potentially life-saving abilities, it should be included as part of any comprehensive fire safety strategy.”

A step forward in fire safety equipment

The introduction of the WSC 104 S AR CompactSmoke 4A Smoke control panel by WindowMaster signifies a proactive response to the heightened fire safety requirements in the UK.

Its unique design that combines life-saving functionality with comfort ventilation showcases WindowMaster’s dedication to innovation in fire safety solutions.

Supporting legal compliance and occupant safety

This advanced smoke panel also plays a vital role in assisting Responsible Persons in fulfilling their legal obligations, especially following the recent changes in fire safety laws.

Its inclusion in fire safety strategies can act as a safeguard for occupants, aligning with the broader goal of enhanced building safety.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of WindowMaster’s new WSC 104 S AR smoke panel is a response to the heightened focus on fire safety in the UK.

This product embodies the integration of advanced technology with practical application in the realm of fire safety.

WindowMaster’s dedication to continuous improvement and adaptation to regulatory changes is evident in this launch.

The WSC 104 S AR offers a solution that enhances occupant safety in the event of a fire.

This development is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that address current and future fire safety challenges.

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