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NFPA highlights digitalisation of skilled trades

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In September, the NFPA hosted a panel discussion exploring the role of digital tools in modernising the skilled trades industry.

The discussion was moderated by Katie Twist, NFPA Senior Marketing Manager, and featured panellists Kyle Spencer, Director of NFPA LiNK, Erik Hohengasser, Electrical Technical Lead, and Jonathan Hart, Fire Protection Technical Lead, sat down to discuss industry trends, challenges, and the technologies that are moving the needle for tradespeople in various lines of work.

The expert panellists communicated the critical need for tools like NFPA LiNK. Not only is it crucial for solving industry challenges like preserving generational knowledge, streamlining and simplifying communications, as well as spearheading collaboration, NFPA LiNK provides a competitive edge for organisations who are embracing digitalisation. Key focuses of the panel conversation included:

  • Traditional Industries Becoming Increasingly Tech-Savvy
    • COVID spurred further investments in software, data, and digital transformation to provide industries with new digital tools to combat challenges
  • How Young Professionals Entering the Industry Can Hit the Ground Running
    • NFPA LiNK includes NFPA DiRECT®, which provides a series of features to help users visually navigate real-life, on-the-job situations and educate themselves on the key code content they need to be aware of
  • Physical Code Books Alone Aren’t Going to Cut It Anymore
    • Organizations can greatly benefit from getting in on the new digital wave, the new features digital tools provide (ease of access, comments, note taking, bookmarking, etc.) have drastically improved the efficiency of the workplace

Visit NFPA’s LinkedIn page to watch the recording.

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