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Nuaire introduces new CPD on high temperature axial fans and VSDs for smoke control systems


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Nuaire’s latest CPD focuses on high temperature axial fans and VSDs

Nuaire, a specialist in indoor air quality and ventilation, has launched a comprehensive Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme.

This latest CPD aims to provide clear insights into high temperature axial fans and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), focusing on the standard ‘BS EN 12101-3:2002 Smoke and heat control systems – Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators’.

The CPD is designed to ensure compliance and understanding of these critical systems in building safety.

Simon Plummer, Nuaire Axials Divisional Manager, and a renowned expert in fire safety in the UK, developed the CPD to address prevalent industry queries and misconceptions.

Plummer said: “Frequency converters have been permitted for use during a fire event since 2015, enabling dual mode fans (those used for both day-to-day ventilation and high temperature smoke extraction) to be controlled by VSDs, even during fires.

“Prior to this, the VSD had to be bypassed during a fire event, with the fan running at 100%.

“However, there remains some confusion in the industry about how high temperature fans and VSDs can be certified and used for the various smoke applications within buildings.

“Our new CPD directly addresses this, explaining the standard in detail and the flexibility it offers Consultant and Smoke Designers when it comes to designing solutions.”

Understanding the standards and best practices in fan design

The CPD not only clarifies the standard but also delves into the specific test conditions that high temperature axial fans and VSDs must meet.

It further discusses best practices in high temperature fan design.

Emphasising the significance of selecting a fan/VSD that has been tested as a unified package, the CPD also explains the necessity of a VSD “Fire Mode”, which is essential for smoke clearance.

Availability and booking of the CPD programme

Nuaire offers this educational CPD free of charge, demonstrating its commitment to industry knowledge and safety.

The sessions are available at Nuaire’s head office in Caerphilly, South Wales, online via Teams, or on-site at a customer’s premises.

Participants will earn full CPD credits and certificates, reinforcing the professional value of this learning opportunity.

To enroll in this informative CPD, interested individuals are encouraged to visit Nuaire’s website at

IFSJ Comment

The initiative by Nuaire to provide a CPD on high temperature axial fans and VSDs represents a proactive approach to educating industry professionals about key standards and best practices in smoke control system design.

It demonstrates Nuaire’s dedication to advancing knowledge and compliance in the field, ensuring that professionals are equipped with the necessary understanding to implement effective smoke ventilation solutions.

Such educational efforts are essential in promoting safety and efficiency in building design and management.

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