Over 300 multipurpose Rosenbauer firefighting vehicles ordered by German fire departments

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Rosenbauer secures large order for firefighting and technical assistance vehicles

Rosenbauer, the renowned manufacturer of firefighting vehicles, has received a substantial order from German fire departments and disaster protection organizations, totalling over 350 portable pump vehicles with water tanks (TSF-W).

This multipurpose vehicle is designed for rapid initial attacks during firefighting operations and technical assistance, making it a key asset for emergency services.

The order comes as a testament to the vehicle’s versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of operational scenarios.

Over 200 units have already been manufactured at the Rosenbauer competence centre for compact vehicles in Neidling, near St. Pölten in Lower Austria, and delivered to various organizations in Germany.

The State Office for Internal Administration of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania initially signed a supply contract for 265 TSF-W vehicles at the end of 2021, with the total number of orders now exceeding 350.

The vehicle’s concept, part of Rosenbauer’s “Compact-Technology Profile” product line, has garnered attention from numerous fire departments across the country, leading to additional orders for identical vehicles.

Innovative design and features of the TSF-W vehicles

The TSF-W vehicles are built on an Iveco Daily 72C18 chassis, with a total vehicle weight of 7.2 tons and equipped in accordance with DIN 14530-17.

This includes a FOX 4 portable fire pump, which is a central feature of the vehicle’s large capacity superstructure, including a 1,000-litre water tank.

The pump can be operated both from within the vehicle and remotely, enhancing operational flexibility.

The vehicle also accommodates a crew of six, including a driver, and is equipped with SCBA holders facing the direction of travel and helmet holders on each seat.

Additional features such as LED strips, a pneumatically extendable LED light mast, a pull-out hygiene wall with water connection, and a reversing camera, contribute to the vehicle’s functionality and safety.

Rosenbauer’s innovative online vehicle training

In addition to manufacturing the vehicles, Rosenbauer is innovating in the area of vehicle training by offering online courses.

Through personalized access to the Rosenbauer e-learning platform, vehicle crews can familiarise themselves with the TSF-W vehicles without the need for physical travel.

The platform provides detailed videos on all functions of the vehicle, facilitating practical use upon receipt.

Ronald Reisinger, CEO of Rosenbauer Germany, expressed his satisfaction with the major order: “We see this as confirmation of our many years of good cooperation.”

The high demand from other customers also underscores the vehicle’s ability to meet the diverse needs of fire departments.

As a “product of preference,” the TSF-W from the CT Profile body module series is now available to interested customers with significantly shorter delivery times, further demonstrating Rosenbauer’s commitment to serving the needs of emergency services effectively.

IFSJ Comment

The recent large-scale order of over 300 TSF-W vehicles by German fire departments and disaster protection organizations highlights a strategic move towards enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

These vehicles, designed for rapid initial attacks and technical assistance, embody the evolution of firefighting equipment towards multifunctionality and adaptability.

Rosenbauer’s approach, including the provision of online training, exemplifies the integration of technology in preparing crews for the challenges of modern firefighting and disaster response operations.

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