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Newham Council launches ambitious plan to secure safety of high-rise buildings by 2029

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Newham Council commits to enhancing high-rise residential building safety

In a decisive move to enhance housing standards across the borough, Newham Council, led by Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz and her Cabinet, has approved the five-year Residential Building Safety Strategy for High-rise Buildings.

This strategy is designed to bring high-rise residential buildings in Newham in line with the Building Safety Act 2022, a piece of legislation introduced in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy to improve the design, construction, and management of higher-risk buildings.

Since the enactment of the Building Safety Act 2022 in April 2023, Newham Council has collaborated with the Building Safety Regulator to develop a comprehensive plan.

This plan aims to ensure compliance with the new legislation, focusing on the borough’s 87 high-rise residential buildings.

The council has proactively registered and submitted all necessary building information to the Building Safety Regulator, preparing for official visits starting April 2024.

Council’s proactive steps towards building safety

Councillor Shaban Mohammed, Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation, articulated the council’s dedication to this cause: “Securing approval for our very important building safety strategy to ensure our housing blocks are safe for residents today is another huge milestone in our concerted efforts to prioritise investment in our housing stock to improve the quality of life for residents and to protect our homes for future generations.”

He further highlighted the council’s ongoing efforts to enhance safety: “We have already taken considerable actions to make our residential buildings safer with our first successful cladding prosecution last year and are continuing to identify high-risk buildings and removing unsafe cladding.”

The council plans to engage with residents to educate them on the new regulations and how they affect their homes.

This engagement will include providing resources for information access and complaint logging.

Five key priorities of the safety strategy

The Residential Building Safety Strategy for High-rise Buildings is underpinned by five key priorities:

  1. Ensuring building safety to comply with statutory obligations for occupied higher-risk buildings.
  2. Engaging residents to keep them informed and safe.
  3. Developing an organisational structure capable of delivering safe homes now and in the future.
  4. Establishing robust data and systems to ensure competence in design, building projects, and building management.
  5. Aligning policy and strategy with legislation, regulation, and the council’s safety management system for building safety.

A dedicated building safety website and additional information will be made available to support the implementation of this strategy.

IFSJ Comment

Newham Council’s launch of the five-year Residential Building Safety Strategy for High-rise Buildings represents a forward-thinking approach to housing safety and compliance.

By prioritising the safety and quality of life for its residents, Newham Council is setting a precedent for proactive and comprehensive safety management in high-rise residential buildings.

This strategy is a testament to the importance of collaboration, detailed planning, and the effective use of technology and data in ensuring the long-term safety and well-being of communities.

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