Perimeter Solutions unveils first fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrate on DoD’s qualified list

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Shift towards eco-friendly firefighting foams

The Department of Defense (DoD) has added a new name to its Qualified Products List (QPL) for firefighting foams.

Perimeter Solutions, a renowned global manufacturer of firefighting foams, has announced its breakthrough product: a 3% MIL-SPEC synthetic fluorine-free firefighting foam.

This notable addition to the QPL indicates a significant step towards adopting more environmentally friendly alternatives in the industry.

This new foam allows federal regulations to encourage airport authorities and other government entities that rely on MIL-SPEC products to transition from the traditionally used aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) to a fluorine-free option.

Adapting to new regulations and guidelines

Since 1969, industry stakeholders followed the MIL-F-24385 specification which mandated the use of AFFF.

However, in a progressive move, January 2023 saw the introduction of the MIL-PRF-32725 (I1) – a new specification focusing on land-based, fresh-water applications for fluorine-free foams.

Crafted in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this particular 3% MIL-SPEC foam concentrate is tailor-made for efficiently combating gasoline and Jet A fuel spill fires.

Remarkably, it not only meets but surpasses the stipulated requirements such as the expansion ratio, burn back, and 25% drain-time performance metrics.

Emphasising its eco-friendliness, this product is biodegradable, non-persistent, and excludes siloxanes or intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Compatibility with varied equipment systems further boosts its utility value.

“We have pioneered the fluorine-free foam technology since the early 2000s,” Craig McDonnell, Vice President, General Manager of Perimeter Solutions’ Americas Suppressants and Prevention & Protection, commented.

“Our fourth-generation fluorine-free foam, now part of the QPL, accentuates our commitment to blending peak industry standards with environmental consciousness.”

McDonnell also highlighted how internal testing at Perimeter Solutions validated the foam’s efficacy in saltwater – a critical consideration as numerous water sources possess elevated mineral or salt levels that might compromise foam performance.

In a testament to their long-standing association, McDonnell revealed that Perimeter Solutions had previously collaborated with the Air Force during their Aircraft Rescue Firefighting foam transition between 2015-2016.

This partnership saw the delivery of a whopping 418,000 gallons of foam to 183 global locations.

Mark Siem, Business Development-Industrial, Chemist at Perimeter Solutions, added: “While some manufacturers are veering away from the new MIL-SPEC qualification program, Perimeter Solutions is unwavering in its resolve to provide top-notch fluorine-free foam solutions to both military and commercial sectors.”

For an in-depth look at Perimeter Solutions and the revolutionary 3% MIL-SPEC foam, click here.

IFSJ Comment

The evolution of firefighting technologies has been instrumental in safeguarding both people and assets.

This latest advancement from Perimeter Solutions marks a crucial milestone in our journey towards marrying efficacy with environmental consciousness.

The inclusion of a fluorine-free foam concentrate on the DoD’s QPL is a testament to the industry’s commitment to seeking sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise on performance.

As challenges mount and the world adapts, it’s imperative for solutions to reflect a balance between immediate needs and long-term environmental considerations.

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